5 Medieval Castles In Slovakia That Have Gruesome Legends Hiding In Them

Slovakia is a country with a turbulent past and those who want mysteries and legends do not have to think twice but to visit and explore the beautiful places in this country.

If you enjoy ghost stories you will definitely love the places below.

  • Likava Castle

The first written evidences of the existence of this castle date back from the 12th century. The original purpose was to protect the region from potential enemies, but later served as accommodation for the soldiers and was an incredibly cruel prison. There are many legends about for the more and the less known prisoners. Supposedly the famous Slovak Juraj Janosik served a criminal sentence here. Many of the prisoners have not left this place and were executed in the prison. Great place for ghosts hunting, right? Visit this place at midnight and you will get the opportunity to meet the beheaded bandit, who was executed here. Legend says that he keeps the wealth of his master, because of his eternal loyalty.

  •  Liptov Castle

Not far from Likava caste is the castle which hides a terrible secret, the Lipton castle. These ruins are almost completely covered with grass to a height of 999 meters and it looks like a great place for romantic walks. You just have to be very careful from the unpleasant company that may visit you when is dark. Locals swear that they were seeing a huge boar that walks with a golden key in his mouth. Believe it or not it was the daughter of the owner of the castle. Her father cursed her because she gave the key of the castle to their worst enemy, which she fell in love with.

  • Korlátka Castle

If chasing after ghost isn’t your thing, try your luck on one of many undiscovered Slovak treasures. This castle is among the oldest in Slovakia and changed many owners. To find the treasure you should come during the night on June 23 with walking-fern flower in your hand and repeatedly pray Lord’s prayer backwards, but only a single mistake might result in being lost forever in dungeons beneath the castle.

  • Bojnice Castle

One of the most beautiful, most visited and most preserved castles in Slovakia is this one. Although it looks like a fairytale it hides horror stories. One of the highlights is the famous sarcophagus of the owner Palfi. A few years ago a black liquid started coming out of the place where the body was placed.

  • Čachtice Castle

Alžbeta Bathory was very rich and powerful woman. She couldn’t stand the inevitable process of getting old. She killed hundreds of maidens and bath in their blood. This cruelty made her famous all around the world, often being nicknamed as the “Female Dracula”. Because of her acts she was sentenced to serve life in home imprisonment. She died in one of the rooms of the palace at 54 years. As nobody knows were her grave was, it is believed that her body is built in one of the walls of the castle.