King Anunnaki Body Is 12,000 Years Old But It Is Completely Intact

This discovery was made by accident in 2008 and if they failed to report to the journalists in Russia no one would have found out about this mystery.

Anunnaki King’s body was discovered in Kurdistan, Iran, state fairly closed from the outside world, especially from the west but is in good relations with Russia.

Although nobody can find out more about this event, couple of photographs remained from the survey of the Russian journalists.

The discovery occurred during a construction of one facility when they were digging foundations. They found a mausoleum with three coffins and with further excavation there were found remains of an ancient civilization and ruins of their city.

Archaeologists have determined that the city and the monuments are dating back 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. The research was immediately revised by the Iranian authorities after the discovery was published in the Russian press. Iranian officials said the city is 850 years ago, which did not fit the facts.

Of the three sarcophagus there are only images and a footage of the two, but no one knows what is in the third. One of the deceased was wearing a crown, thus it can be concluded that he was the ruler of the city, in the second sarcophagus was buried his wizard and presumably the third is the wife of the King, Reina.

There are gold coins on the eyes of the king. It may be noted that the body is white, but the color of his skin is copper, so that can not be accurately determined. It was also found that people are quite high.

The tombs are decorated with gold and precious stones. The ornaments have inscriptions in cuneiform which can not be identified. King’s sarcophagus is made of gold or of metal that resembles gold near the monarch can see gold coffin adorned with strange flashing stones.

Are these the first real evidence of the holders of the knowledge? Are they related to the development of the civilization? Or just another false article on the Internet?