VIDEO: Vegetarian Eats Meat First Time After 22 Years

Usually one vegetarian goes through several stages: from long periods of veganism, through the disgusting from the thought of eating meat, to anger directed at those who eat meat.

Thus, it’s interesting to see someone who tastes meat for the first time, especially after 22 years. On the other hand, maybe it’s a pity, because some of the tastes contained in the meat are not in the vegetables… Our “examine”, jokes:  “I’ll eat meat until I die… and that can happen tonight”.

Usually the meat debate is about the fact that the “pharmacy” of animals for the sole purpose of slaughter is unethical. Meanwhile, scientists are experimenting (and make great progress) by breeding meat directly from stem cells, and even producing meat directly from vegetables.

On which side of the debate you belong, one thing is certain: the taste of meat and vegetarian food is unmatched. Or as our examine says: “Wow man, this meat is on a completely different level!”.