Assange Has Caused Panic: “The Future Of Humanity Is Threatened, And This Is The Biggest Threat”

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange predicts a dystopian world in which human perception can not be carried with propaganda to control the artificial intelligence.

The future, Assange said, who spoke about the threats from artificial intelligence in London, will be very different from that predicted by artificial intelligence creators, in which people live in nirvana.

As he said, the time will come when it will be used to adjust the perceptions.

“Imagine the “Daily Mail” which is written only by the artificial intelligence, what would it look like if it is the only newspaper in the world? The same thing will be with Facebook and Twitter,” said Assange.

Assange was asked if artificial intelligence and virtual reality would make the society vulnerable and apolitical, to which he affirmed affirmatively.

“Of course, it can affect us, but I do not see it as the main problem,” he said. “People have always been influenced by sophisticated products, information and experiences.”

Technology only increases the power of the ability to design the mind,” said Assange.

The most influential for Assange, is when the programs with artificial intelligence begin to collect whole material from the Internet and begin to predict 20-30 steps in advance.

People will not be able to follow what is happening.

“I know from sources in the Silicon Valley that scientists there believe that they will soon be able to make artificial intelligence so powerful that people can digitize their brains, upgrade them to artificial intelligence and live forever in simulation.

That is something like religion for atheists. And when we are already in that simulation, why not play out endless parties with sex and drugs,” added Assange