BITCOIN Breaks Records, Minute Silence For The Losers

In 2013, a British man named James Howells desperately searched through the endless bunch of rubbish at a landfill in southern Wales.

He hoped to find the USB flash drive that he had once thrown into the trash. Years earlier, Howells had purchased a piece of a digital crypto-currency Bitcoin.  At the moment when he realized what he did, Bitcoins on the usb were worth $ 7.5 million. Howells never found the thrown treasure.

This week in Australia there is a similar story. One Australian threw a USB stick with a 4.8 million-dollar Bitcoins, according to today’s rate, after buying them a few years ago for only $ 25. At the time of purchase, 1 BTC was worth 1.5 US cents. Today 1 BTC is worth about $ 2,500.

Though tragic, these stories are not rare when talking about the rise of digital currencies in the past decade. In 2015, the British Telegraph estimated that $ 980 million Bitcoins were dumped and lost, which is terrible given that the currency is designed to be limited (there are no new, like money printing). Since then the price has been growing like crazy.

The storyline losers that have bounced their Bitcoins are gaining popularity again because the value of the crypto currency sets all-time records on the stock exchanges. So far this year, the price has risen by more than double. The currency is known for being very mobile, and this is seen even now. On Thursday evening it fell by 6.5 percent – to $ 2,263.72, in just a short time to return – to a new record of $ 2,791.70 per 1 BTC.

Coinbase, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange company which is operating in 32 countries, says the platform’s activity shows so far “unprecedented traffic and commerce.”