The LIE we live in! Everybody should watch and share this video, I’m Speechless, spread it!

The short documentary by Spencer Cathcart entitled “The Lives in which we live” describes the freedom of people, money, education, capitalism, nature protection, climate change and human influence on them.

“At this point you can be anywhere, and deal with anything, instead of just sitting with the computer. What prevents us from doing what we want and to be where we want?

Every day we wake up in the same room, we follow the same path, in order to live the same way as the previous day. Sometimes every day was a new adventure, and then everything changed. First of all, as the time does not exist”. Does this way of life mean that we are adults, that we are free?

Are we really free? – Spencer begins the story in his short film. He continues to add that the elements that we all need to survive as food, water and land are owned by the large corporations. – There is no food for us on the trees, there is no fresh water in the streams, there is no land to build a home.

If you try to take what the Earth gives us, you will end up in jail. So we respect the rules of the corporations and the governments. – For years we sit and do what we have been told. We are tested and evaluated as in the laboratory. Developed to make no difference to this world, raised to be different.

We are smart enough to do our job, but not enough to ask why we do it. So we work, and we work, not having time to live the life for which we work. Until the time comes when we become old enough to do our job. Then we are left to die. Our children occupy the place in the game.

“This is a world of elite hidden behind the large corporations, and their most valuable resource is not on earth, that’s us! Spencer also states that, no matter how smart we are, we are only the consuming goods for those who lead the world. – They give us money, and in return we give them the world. Take a look at this film to the end.