Major Cyber Attack On Europe: Powerful Virus Has Ruined The Systems Of The Banks, Companies, Airports, Governments…

There are still no clear details about the size of the attack, the perpetrators, and other targets.

Banks, companies, airports and other important infrastructures in Ukraine were hit by a cyber attack.Similar attacks are reported by world companies from Russia and Denmark.

Among the attacked objects are government computers that can not currently be connected to the Internet.

The Ukrainian state-owned airplane production company, “Antonov”, has been hit by a cyber attack, a spokeswoman for the company said, stating that many other companies, including banks and state power distribution, were affected.

“Antonov” spokeswoman said it was not clear yet how serious the attacks were. And the Russian oil giant “Rosneft” was exposed to cyber attack, the agency AFP reports. That Twitter company said it was a “powerful hacker attack”.

In “Rosneft” they hope that the incident has nothing to do with the current legal processes. There are still no clear details about the size of the attack, the perpetrators, as well as other targets, the agency says.

Similar attacks in Russia have been reported by Rosneft, Bashneft, Mars, Nivea, Mondelez, which, according to the agencies, were affected by the “Petya” virus. The attackers demand a ransom of $ 300 in bitcoins. Bitcoin is a crypto, designed to be very difficult to track users who use it.

The price of bitcoin on the cyber market is $ 2,500. The “Petya” virus is different from the usual “Reinsomers” virus used for attacks in which users are required to purchase access to the documents. “Petya”, instead of encoding them, it locks the files one by one and uses lower hard disk structures to lock the complete system.

“Petya” is dangerous if it develops in the computer. It is very easy to clean from the system if it is detected at an early stage.