Alpha Or Omega Male – What Type Of Men Is Favorite Among Women?

The eternal question that intrigues men is – types of men that women find attractive.

Below are the characteristics of alpha and omega men, but there is another type – these are beta men.

Alpha men are more attracted to women during fertile days because then the subconscious chooses the potential father of their future child. Because of this, the alpha male must “shine” from testosterone, must be healthy, strong and dominant and be able to take care of his family. Such instinctive drives have remained in our behavior from our cave ancestors.

But when that period passes, many women decide on omega types because they are calmer and easily leave women’s decisions. However, some women would never choose omega men in front of the alpha in their lives.

The truth is that omega men don’t  know to be dominant – they always left women to lead in life. Omega men are great in combination with alpha women.

Alpha mens are:

• Dominant

• Self-confident

• Sometimes self-centered

 Want to have everything under control

• Passionate

• Have a masculine body structure

• They want to be leaders

• Often unpredictable

• Are very active

• Do not be afraid of new things

• Have a competitive edge

• Do not seek approval from others

• Are not prone to violence

• Extroverted

• Have many friends

• Know how to deal with crisis situations

Omega mens are:

• Quiet

• Gentle towards women

• Have a weaker structure

• Panic in crisis situations

• Are not authoritative

• They can be uncertain

• Avoid risks and conflicts

• Easily leave women’s decisions

• They want to be alone

• Do not want surprises

• Introvert

• Do not have many friends

• Feel the most comfortable in a familiar environment

Beta types of men?

They are often unreliable, and for that thay look for a advice from other people. These types of men are very sensitive and emotional, but sometimes they can also be passive-aggressive. They rarely acknowledge their mistakes.

They never take responsibility, try to solve problems quickly and are often seen in the company of women rather than men.

Beta types of men are the right hand of alpha men, because their orders are executed without an objection