The 12 Biggest Life Secrets Forgotten By Mankind

Modern living has deconstructed our societies in many different ways.

As progress for progress’ sake has bulldozed its way through our lives and lifestyles, much of the old way of living has been forgotten.

And due to the fast-paced way we live our lives, the very nature of the world is based on one of forgetting, as we constantly make way for the new.

Capitalism and the need for individuality over community has brought us to the world we see today around us, a world that has forgotten how to care for itself.

Some of the major ways in which our modern world has diverted so much from the ancient ways of our ancestors.

    1. We have forgotten how important out place in the natural world is. Nature is the building block in which we have built our man-made world, but the respect it deserves is not shown in the way in which we treat it. Pollution and deforestation are just two examples of how the modern world has disrespected mother nature to the extreme.
    2. Humans have forgotten that their position is just one point in the wider cosmos. Humans have the habit of considering the earth as the center of the universe when we are just one tiny part of the bigger picture.
    3. We have discarded ancient, tried and tested methods in favour of modern ways which are often harmful. Ancient medicine has treated people for centuries, yet we have discarded this in favour of harmful drugs and chemicals to treat illnesses.
    4. We have forgotten that the human journey has not come to an end, and that our path is constant and on-going. Our arrogance as a race has made us believe that we have no need to continue learning and evolving.


  1. The business of everyday life has let us forget that all human beings have a purpose. Our purpose to do good, and to look after one another has been replaced by the need for greed and separation.
  2. We have forgotten how important it is to love. Love is the power that drives humans to do all that they do. To start a family, to do a job you believe will make a difference, to look out for our fellow man are all fundamental human desires. So often these days the fear of hate overcomes the hope of love.
  3. We have forgotten how to forgive each other. Forgiving is the key to a happy life full of love and the true way to happiness. Holding grudges is the refuge of many angry individuals today although it only takes humankind backwards.
  4. We have forgotten that we are free individuals. Modern life has ensured we feel enslaved by the things we feel we need to survive. Constant bombardment by the media and consumerism has made us feel inadequate when we actually shouldn’t care about such trivial things.
  5. The government and the establishment has made us feel that we do not have the power to be free. We are told that we must obey the arbitrary laws dictated to us by the powers-that-be. We are free individuals who should not be caged like animals.
  6. We have so easily forgotten the lessons that history tried so hard to teach us. How many innocent humans have died since the dawn of man in the name of war? We are told time and again that war is not a solution to man’s problems yet each year innocent people get sent to their death when it so easily could be avoided.
  7. We have forgotten that the key to a happy life is in the simplicity of the world. We do not need to adorn ourselves with trinkets or succumb to the pressure of the materialistic world. All we need we have given to us by the earth and mother nature.
  8. We have forgotten to bask in the wonder of the world and all the things we don’t know. Humans think they have mastered the world and that it has exposed all of it’ s secrets. The opposite is true. There is so much wonder left in the world if we just step back from ourselves and see it through fresh eyes that have been discolored by man.