23 Pearls Of The Eastern Wisdom…They Are Carring A Powerful Message

Wise quotes can always explain a whole philosophy or lifestyle in a few words. The source has always been the source of wisdom, and these quotations are evidence of this.


  1. The diamond, even if it falls into the mud, remains a diamond. The dust can rise to the clouds, but dust will remain dust forever.
  2. A wise woman always adds sugar to all the words she tells to her man and removes the salt from his words to her.
  3. Keep the people with whom you have something bright and joyful in your soul after just meeting them.
  4. The words which are told from the heart enter right into the heart, and those which are told from the tongue do not reach beyond the ears.
  5. The silent word is your slave, and the told word is your master.
  6. The death is an arrow that flies towards you, and life is just that moment before it reaches you.
  7. The victory over the weak is more like a defeat.
  8. The biggest misfortune is if you need help from the people you hate.
  9. Always look at the things on the bright side, and if you do not have that side, clean the gloom until it shines.
  10. A true friend is the one who takes the stones and the thorns out of your way.
  11. Allow the sun to enter in you in the morning when it rises.
  12. There is a beauty, over which the years have no power – the beauty of the heart.
  13. The one we feed in us will flourish, this is the eternal law of nature.
  14. If you have the opportunity to correct the consequences of your mistake, then you have not made a mistake.
  15. Everything has its own sunset and its own end, just the night ends with a sunrise.
  16. Man has one tongue and two ears, to hear more and to speak less.
  17. The rich man can buy himself the most expensive samurai sword, but he can not buy a samurai’s heart.
  18. A friend is well known in trouble, a hero – in a fierce battle, a woman – in a disaster, and the soul – in a prayer.
  19. When you have no internal enemy, the outer one can not hurt you.
  20. If you can help a man – help him if you can not – pray for him. If you do not know how to pray – think him well. And it will be helpful, because the bright thoughts are also weapons.
  21. The one who cries can not have a black heart.
  22. Advise yourself with a thousand people, but tell your secrets only to one person.
  23. There are three types of enemies: an enemy, a friend of the enemy and an enemy of a friend.