For What Are The People Grieving On Their Deathbed?

“For many years I have been working in palliative care for people who are sent to die at home. I was with them the last 3-12 weeks of their life. People are very enlightened when are faced with their own death.” said one nurse.

I have learned that one’s capacity for enlightenment should never be underestimated. Some changes are phenomenal. Various emotions emerge during this period, such as expectation, denial, fear, anger, repentance, more denial then acceptance… Each of them, in the end, finds its own peace…

When they were asked what they regret most, and if they could, what would they change in life, they most often answered:

  1. I wish I had the courage to live my life the way I wanted, and not how others wanted it!

This was the most common response, unfortunately. When people realize that their life is almost finished, and they look back in the past, they perceive their many unrealized dreams

Most people have failed to fulfill half of their dreams, and before they die, they realize that this is due to their own choiceIt is very important at least to try to fulfill your dreams, because at the moment when your health is lost, it’s already too late. Health brings freedom to realize everything you want, so, take advantage of the time you have.

      2. I wish I had not worked so much.

This is mostly said by men. They complain about missing moments with their children and socializing with their wife. But women are also reluctant to do so. By simplifying the lifestyle, you can make a conscious choice for a road that does not require too much revenue. By creating more space in your life, each person can be happier and more open to new opportunities.

      3. I wish I had more courage to express my feelings

Many people suppress their feelings in order to keep the peace with others. As a result, suppressed feelings are precipitating and “rioting in the soul” causing bitterness and anger, and often a disease.

Of course, the reactions to others must be controlled. But it’s always better to discuss the problems with a cold head. Open conversation and problem solving is always better than suppression of the feelings.

So even if your partner does not respond positively to this, it may be better to get rid of the negative relationship.

     4. I wish I had remained in touch with my friends

The busy life moves you away from your precious friends. Everyone is complaining about their friends before their death. People run for profit and career, but at the very end they become aware of the true values – and they are the friends.

     5. I wish I was happier. To allow myself that

Many of them eventually realize that happiness is a choice, but most often remain stuck in their old patterns and habits. The fear of change, prevent them from being happy, although they deeply craved to laugh and be happier.

”Life is a choice. It’s your life. Select it consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness.”