Your Heart Jumps Over Your Chest? An 800 Year Old Drug Will Solve Your Problem!

The monk Hildegard von Bingen lived 800 years ago (1098-1179) and testified before the end of her life and explained that all her writings and all that she wrote originated solely from heavenly images that through God were transmitted, described and explained all the diseases and their treatment.

Pope Evgeny III ordered to check her clairvoyance, so she recognized the Church as a saint.

Today, even after 800 years, modern medicine recognizes her medical principles as being right.

The “Wine for Heart” recipe has shown great success in treating patients with heart failure, and is therefore used in everyday practice.

Recipe For Medicine Wine For Heart:

10 fresh stalks of parsley (larger) together with the leaves are placed in 1 liter of pure natural wine (white or black, whatever) and add one to two large spoons of pure (domestic) wine vinegar.

Boil for 10 minutes on low heat (beware: wine foam!). Then add 300 g of natural honey and let it boil for another 4 minutes.

The warm heart to heart is swirled and still warm in bottles previously cleaned with pure alcohol. Closes well. The cauldron that creates is not harmful and can be drunk freely.

It is very important that the ingredients are natural and follow the order of the preparation procedure. You should not worry that the honey should be digested, because it is necessary for the effectiveness of the drug.

Pushing into the heart you feel because of a change of weather or because of some excitement – will immediately disappear.

After several months of regular use, the faint-hearted patients do not feel troubled and have more energy.