Medical Miracle: A Girl Survived Aids Without Therapy: She Was Born With HIV – She Has Been Living Without Drugs For 9 Years

A South African girl born with HIV has been in good health without a medication for nine years.

She was only receiving therapy after birth in the first few months, scientists said. Such cases of treatment of the virus without therapy are very rare and scientifically inexplicable. This is the third case seen in children, said in a statement by the scientists at the International Aids Conference.

“This new case gives us hope that in the future some diseased children will be unburied from lifelong treatment,” said Anthony Feusay, director of the US Institute for Infectious Diseases and author of the research.

In his words, it is possible to return, as with any disease, but the last case gives hope for long-term good health without therapy.

The girl received a classical therapy for HIV therapy for ten months. After almost nine years, the virus is still “sleepy”, although the girl does not receive therapy.


The girl is not cured because the virus is still present, but is still weak and cannot be proliferated and transmitted, without therapy. Patients infected with this virology usually have to receive therapy every day and receive lifelong treatment to achieve this effect.