The Purpose of Anxiety During Spiritual Awakening (and how to ease it)

Anxiety was probably one of the worst experiences of my awakening. I know how truly awful it can feel, and how urgently it needs to be soothed – so with that in mind, lets not waste any time.

Before we even begin getting into the nitty gritty of this article, particularly if you are reading this racked with that fearful all encompassing feeling of anxiety right now, I want you to know 3 key things:

Anxiety is a NATURAL part of the awakening process (it may be natural, but its not actually necessary)
The anxiety that you’re feeling absolutely WILL PASS and
Its actually a sign that you’re right on track

In order for you to understand why, lets first take a look at what happens during the actual awakening process so that we can understand this better.

The Spiritual Awakening Process (simplified)

• At a predetermined moment or time, large quotients of energy begin to flood your system.

• This influx of energy opens the psychic centers and heightens them intensely.

• Emotional centers are opened which makes them extremely sensitive and brings all our emotions right up to the surface for healing.


Why is anxiety a natural part of spiritual awakening?

The reason that anxiety is a natural part of the ascension process is because when those large quotients of energy begin to flood our system, our energy bodies are highly charged. Think of it like leaving a charger in the electrical socket too long. We get charged so much that we’re practically buzzing, and there’s nowhere for that excess energy to go. Now, it has good purpose – it awakens us, and it opens us up to heal our emotions and reconnect with source through our psychic senses – however, it is not necessary for you to feel anxious in order to awaken. Its really important that you grasp this, so I’ll say it again.


However, our bodies have likely never experienced a volume or intensity of energy like this, ever. It often perceives it to be anxiety when really, its just energy – we’re just super charged – and our bodies simply don’t have enough physical density to be able to balance it out or to anchor us to the earth.

It feels like anxiety, but really, it is just energy.

The good news is, that if we can anchor that energy to the earth, and hold enough physical density in our bodies to absorb it, the energy can be balanced, and the anxiety can be released. We do that with grounding.

Don’t worry, I’ve created a FREE 5-day course to help you ground yourself specifically during spiritual awakening, as many traditional techniques just aren’t effective for us, but more on that in a minute. There are more benefits to boot from grounding your awakening than just releasing anxiety; it will also lessen emotional intensity, bring more control and stability to your awakening and release doubt and confusion by helping your brain to rationalize and understand the experience. Its absolutely vital, and a large part of your awakening journey will be focused on learning how to straddle both the spiritual and physical worlds in a balanced way. We’re learning to become the bridge that unifies both heaven and earth.


What is the purpose of this anxiety?

However, I know there will be many of you feeling caught in the trap of a relentless cycle of anxiety. I know how truly awful that can feel, but if it helps, this anxiety and ungrounding is usually followed by something rather remarkable. You see it is in the process of swinging from super charged to super grounded that a kind of mini-enlightenment occurs. It is the grounding which allows us to come to epiphanies, realizations and powerful cognitive shifts.

People don’t realize how vital the grounding is in this process – and neither did I. It wasn’t until I finally made the link that I realized that the grounding HAD to happen for me to integrate the spiritual knowledge and wisdom I was being shown. I’d wake up of a day, my stomach in knots and my heart tight with anxiety, fluttering away and I’d mutter to myself about how this awakening journey was more of a curse than a blessing, and how it was so darn out of control. I’d fret the whole day, and try to inspect some source or cause for my anxiety, but to no avail, until I’d sit down to meditate at night – and then explosions would occur. Without a doubt, it was on those worst days of anxiety and nerves that generally led to a powerful, incredible insight about myself or life. I’d meet a new guide, connect to a higher level, or come to a new awareness. It was incredible.

Am I miles off track?

I’m not advocating the use of anxiety in order to have higher spiritual experiences. Its important that you know that the anxiety is a sign that you are being:

  • charged
  • energetically heightened or
  • psychically/ spiritually opened

This is all under divine control. You are perfectly safe as this process occurs, and its all pre-destined anyway. Its actually a sign that you’re right on track, and you are moving through your awakening experience. In fact, lets repeat that…

You’re right on track.


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