The Seven Musts of an Evolutionary Relationship

In this day and age, Love, like all other emotions has been adulterated. The sacred love that we have read about and which still exists, is threatened by distractions, ignorance, greed and self centred hunger for power.

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The evolutionary love has the power to nourish and evolve the world. When two beings come together within this sacred bond of love they have the energy and vibes which can positively transform this world.

But to realise this potential of change that we have, there are some rules that need to be observed. Here are seven things you need to do for the true power of love to take shape in the world.

Dedication to the Spiritual

When the two partners realize their duty to the divine, they would be able to love and cherish each other better. Also, unless there is a realization of something deeper and stronger at work, the relationship will keep circling around its own private and petty problems.

Seeing the divine in the beloved will also lead to doing the work of that divine in the world, together.

Respecting Solitude

When two beings get in a relationship, instead of encroaching into each other’s personal space and time, they should try to exist side by side, protecting each other’s solitude.

Respecting someone’s privacy ensures a bond that goes far deeper than being virtually connected all the time. Solitude also gives both the partners time to contemplate and introspect on how they can do the divine’s work in the world.


Relationships these days are not about the elevated Beloved and the humble lover. They are about equality whether it is mental, emotional or material. This equality comes naturally to both the partners because they both realize that the other is as much a part of the divine as themselves.

 Sanctity of the Endeavour

Both the partners should realize that they are together to do the work of the divine. Their faith in the divine should be strengthened by them being together; as well as by the spiritual introspection that they should observe.

The two partners should also pray and meditate together so that their relationship grows in a spiritual and sanctified space.

The Protector of Shadow

Today, we are surrounded by so many false ideas of what love should be that we are ready to break away at the first, slightest case of variation from that idealised Hollywood romance.

But real life is not a movie and the two partners should realize that their better half is a human, and not a character in a movie. Real people have their own wounds and dark spots. Instead of judging or criticising your partner’s past you should be safeguarding them and making them comfortable enough to cease the pain.

The endless Cycle

Both the partners should realize that this is an endless cycle of death and rebirth and their commitment to each other would continue and prosper even in the higher realms.

The Consciousness of the World

This kind of love is not private and selfish and realizes that the love they have goes beyond just the two of them. From the very first step they realise that they have come together to heal the world as that is the true duty of every individual today