It Just Mood Swings or Is A Spirit Behind Your Shitty Mood

Sometimes when a person’s physical body dies and wastes away, their spiritual self is left behind.

They don’t want to move on because they are either not ready to accept the reality or they have incomplete stuff to take care of. Since they are stuck in limbo, they cannot gain any more knowledge and are bound by the same emotions and feelings as they did when they were alive.

Also, they are used to being in a physical body, and they feel more comfortable in it but they cannot take over a physical body without permission. So they attach themselves to a living being and when they do, their emotions and feelings can also affect the attached person.

If the person who gets attached on is also sensitive to the energies of the spirit then they would very easily be affected by the mood programming of the spirit. It would be visible in the way the person would react to emotions connected to the spirits rather than his/her physical surroundings.

This has been known to be the cause of frequent mood swings as well as symptoms of ailments in many people. Spirits cannot move forward in terms of development, they are stuck in the state in which they die.

Suppose the spirit suffered from some physical ailments before passing away than the body that they attach themselves to afterwards would also show the signs of the ailment without there being any real cause.

If you think you have a spirit attached to you then you can perform a test to verify it. Use the Pendulum Test to find an answer to the following questions. If the answer to any of the following is in affirmative then you may have a spiritual roommate.

Though it is not exactly dangerous, without knowing it you did allow for this roommate to move in with you, but they need to know that they have better choices.

  • (Your Name)’it s body has more than one spirit.
  • (Your name)it’s Higher self -knows to have a spiritual attachment
  • There is more than one spirit in (Your Name)’s Energy Field

Once you have made yourself sure of their existence, instead of panicking you need to show them the way to move on and leave the attachments which bind them to earth. In absolute quiet, take a deep breath in and say out loud or in your mind ‘I am my I am’.

Now imagine a big white and empty room. Ask every spirit who is not you to get in this room. Imagine the room to have sprinklers or high beams of light, as soon as the spirits, in whichever forms they appear to get in touch with the sprinklers or the light they will evaporate or vanish.

This is the simpler method. If you seek to talk to them and know why they are here, that is also possible but would take more experience and emotional strength.