20 Signs That Prove You’re A Star Seed From a Different Dimension

Have you often felt like you were from some other dimension or planet? Have you had constant issues fitting in with the rest? If you’ve felt like a fish out of water for most of your life, you might as well be a Star seed.

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Here are the twenty signs that will help you to know if you’re a star seed!

1. As a child, you didn’t fit in with the rest of the children of your age. You were more of an advanced kid.

2. All your life, you’ve felt this incessant desire to return home – a home you’ve never been to and never been able to articulate in words.

3. You’re extremely sensitive to emotions and circumstances.

4. You possess a strong sense of psychic energy and have encountered numerous paranormal activities since your childhood. Encountering spirits, being prophetic or spotting a UFO has never been outlandish.

5. You’re an empathetic being and you can read people’s minds and alleviate their pain.

6. It’s difficult to communicate especially when you have an idea of what the other person is attempting to say.

7. You are an enlightened being with a sense of foresight – You have had dreams of parallel realities and different dimensions.

8. Somewhere deep in your heart, you believe you’re meant to do something great – though you still don’t know what.

9. Your dreams are intense and vivid. They almost represent a different dimension that co-exists and can help you experience life in different facets.

10. Small children are enamored by your presence as if they can almost feel the uniqueness you tend to represent.

11. You connect with Mother Nature in a very intimate manner. You love animals, plants and all that’s around you.

12. You aren’t someone who follows the herd. People often think of you as weird because of your unique ways of living. You don’t seem to fit in well with the society.

13. Your friend circle is limited but the bond you share with the ones who are close to you is phenomenal – one that spans beyond time and space.

14. You’ve often felt that you were adopted because your opinions are constantly at odds with your family. You fail to relate with your parents and it’s often that they fail to acknowledge your perception.

15. You believe in the strong existence of energy and you know how the energy emanating from a certain person can affect the ones around.

16. You are blessed with extraordinary psychic gifts that allow you to predict a situation beforehand or channelize your energy to achieve what you prefer.

17. Your understanding of the Universe is based on a deep-seated sagacity and poise. You understand the workings of the Universe.

18. Being amidst a hustling crowd can overwhelm you at times.

19. You might often feel that your true origin isn’t that of a human. You keep dreaming of a distant reality in another planet.

20. You reckon that your purpose on this planet is to serve humanity and you strive every day to achieve that.