The Five Most Important Synchronistic Relationships You’d Form In Your Life

We have been told by old and young alike that nothing in this world happens purely by chance. There is a reason behind everything that happens to us.

In the same way every person that we happen to come across in our life, has a certain role to play in our life. Now every encounter need not have major importance in our life.

There are people we meet who have just a small role to play in our life and we soon forget about them, but at the same time there are a few relationships which change our entire life.

Now, the purpose behind every encounter will not be explicitly clear to you always. Some people might just come momentarily in your life in a ‘pick me up’ gesture which would make you happy when you were sad.

Others would have a slightly more important and apparent part in your life, with their actions and words which would shape you significantly in your life.

It is not necessary for you to know the exact meaning and significance behind every person you meet, just know that it is never ‘by chance’ and a greater force is at work here.

Here are the 5 most important types of relationships that you will form in your life, whether you realize it or not.

1. Those who Awaken You

It is not necessary to know a person for years and years for them to have a significant effect on you. They can change you even in the really short span of time that they would have interacted with you.

They might show up when you are close to giving up on your hopes and dream. They remind you of your passion and help you to stay focused.

2. Those who Remind You

Then there are people who come to remind you of what is really important in life. Sometimes you might forget about the bigger things while being caught up in chasing the little goals.

3. Those who Push You Towards Growth

Sometimes we all need a little help, a little push to learn new things or look at the old things with a new perspective. These are the people who help you grow, they could be counselor or a friend, but they open your mind to possibilities.

4. Those who hold Space

These are the random strangers you meet, maybe in a coffee shop queue, or maybe on a bus ride. You might not even exchange your names, but the small talk you make would stay with you even after years.

5. Those who Stay

These are the most important of all. These are the people who come in your life to stay. They are with you in your good times and bad times, and lift you up when you are feeling down.

They know you the best of all, and have the deepest impact on your life.