Choose One of These Mandalas and See What It Reveals About You

The Mandala you choose reveals a Great Deal about You

The word “Mandala” has its origins in the liturgical Indian language of Sanskrit. A Mandala isn’t a simple circle – It stands for wholeness and represents life’s signifying organization structure.

A mandala is more of a cosmic diagram that stands for the relation we share with the infinite – the world that lies beyond time, space and the faculties of mind and body.

A Mandala constantly re-appears in all aspects of our lives – the celestial circles of Earth, Sun and the moon besides the conceptual circles signified by our family, friends and community.

Mandalas constitute all material and non-material realities and the one you choose subconsciously shall fit the realities that you live in and reflect striking revelations about your life!

  1. The Thinker

If your choice was the first Mandala, it is because you are more of a “know-it-all” kind of person! The first Mandala stands for the entire colorful spectrum and you think about every minute incident in your life.

While you aren’t necessarily a person who likes to gossip about things, you are extremely observant and analytical. At times, your thoughts get overwhelming for you and you’re unable to get them in control. Curiosity is good as long as it doesn’t kill the cat! So, do some yoga and take a break.

  1. The Wanderer

If you chose the second Mandala, you live your life to travel the world and you don’t wish to stop, ever! You’re a person who’s different from the rest.

While everyone harbors the desire to travel deep in their hearts, you do it because you prize experiences more than money. And well, if you would like to spend money – you chose a world trip than spending it on material objects of temporary fascination.

  1. The Adventurer

The third Mandala represents a person who lives to experience life. You’re the one who is always up for adventures no matter if it lands you in trouble.

You’re the kind of person who would rather venture to adventure than sit back in your comfort zone. But it’s essential that you take decisions after giving it a little thought.

  1. The Workaholic

The golden color stands for money. If this was your choice, it’s because you’re still in a fix if you prefer money or spiritual possessions. You spend your entire life earning your living, at times more than you need!

Don’t deprive yourself of the today you could have lived for the tomorrow that might not come.

  1. The Warrior

Red represents blood, fire and passion. If your choice was the fifth Mandala, you’re a passionate individual who believes in struggling hard to strive.

You always have the tenacity of mind and fortitude to reach the top of the mountain. But while you’re in the process of climbing up the ladder, remember to lift humanity up, as well!

  1. The Noble one

This purple mandala represents calmness of mind and that makes you a person who is calm and sensitive. Usually associated with the third eye, you always strive to do things for the greater good.

You seek the help of the creator and always find solace in nature.