How to Raise Girls Who Become Strong and Successful Women

There are a lot of guides available on the internet or in the form of books which tell how good parenting works.

No wonder a parent scourges heavens and oceans trying to find the best way to raise their children and avoid these ‘parenting fails’ which might arise out of even the most minute detail of your behavior.

It is of huge importance that you are well read on this topic as your behavior would leave a lasting impact on another human being. I once heard a grandmother in a bookstore complaining of how ‘In our times…’ there was none of this pansy riff raffs.

But, whether the oldies like it or not, times have changed, children have changed and so must the parents change accordingly to battle the conditions in this tech era of parenthood.

A study was conducted specially to analyze the situations and conditions parents of young girls go through, and depending on their reactions- the attitude of their daughters.

Some of the findings are very helpful if you’re trying to get a clue on how to raise strong willed and independent women.

1. Demanding Mothers make Successful Daughters.

Though nobody wants to be continuously nagged about their every single action yet parents who leave their children completely to their own will are also in the wrong.

University of Essex conducted the study and it was observed that when a lot is demanded from a child, more often than not they rise to the occasion and achieve much, compared to girls whose mothers left them entirely to their own devices.

Additionally a constant reminder of what is expected of them, helped girls in setting their priorities and avoiding distractions which usually cut short potential careers even before they start out. Nagging to a certain extent helped girls avoid teen pregnancies, high school drop outs and minimum wage jobs.

2. Resentment is temporary, results are permanent.

Trying the above mentioned nagging method might be a bit chaotic at first. Loud arguments, slammed doors and constant wailing of ‘No one understands me’ might definitely be expected when you are strict, but realize that it is for their own good. Do not fear the resentment of your child.

They are young and don’t see the bigger picture and hence act out. But they would definitely be thanking you when they know better.

3. Do Not Think You Are Overdoing It.

If you feel there are just way too many things which you are seeing as red flags, chances are that they really are problematic.

You might want to stay on good terms and turn a blind eye on a few things, but it will do more harm than good. Don’t hesitate to point a wrong and don’t back down until you see that your child is listening to you.

In this way you would be better able to persuade your child to think of the future as well as avoid unpleasant experiences in the present. Be fair but firm.