The 9 Most Common Times a Spirit or Guardian Angel Will Visit You

Every culture has their version of this: Hindus have their “isht-devas” or personal gods, the Ibo of Nigeria have their chi who decide the individual’s fate and then the Greeks had their daemones or attendant god who looked after the individual. Nowadays we just call them Guardian spirits/angels.

The thing is that you have to be aware to be under their protective wing; it takes a lot of energy for them to contact us and protect us and they wouldn’t try unless they really want to. This list will help you gauge possible times of contact and be ready.

When you are alone:

Solitude is one of the most common situations favourable for spirit contact. This is because of the large amount of energy you expend to reflect and introspect when you are alone; it kind of shows reciprocation to the spirit.

Also, distractions don’t help your cause here, so the farther you are from your kind, the easier you are to single out.

Sleep or Dream:

Continuing from the above thread, sleeping or dreaming is one of the other times of contact. This is also because your brain switches into its subconscious setting and that is where all the magic is, detached from rationality and reason.

When life seems trying:

More often than not, trials are tests put forward by these very beings and they are also the ones who help you through them.

During family events and ceremonies:

This is because it is when you are with your loved ones that these beings sense the best in you.  You cannot just expect angelic protection without a test now can you?

When you are on a journey:

Remember the number of times journeys were advertised as modes of self-discovery and rejuvenation? Guess why?

Spirit contact happens in solitude remember? And when you take the pain to change your location to get yourself a bit of alone time, it shows effort.

Full physical exertion:

Anything that shows effort to improve one’s self, is desirable to guardian deities. It shows how you want to meet them half-way.

When you are really happy/enjoying yourself:

Such guardian deities are like Patroni from Harry Potter; attracted to VERY strong feelings of positivity and enjoyment. Do what you love, do what makes you happy.

It can range from practicing your musical instrument to just plain being with your beloved. Immerse yourself in the pleasures of the moment.

When you feel free as an individual:

Continuing from the above statement.
Strong feelings of independence and unfettered freedom attract guardian deities’ attentions. They are prone to notice how you too want to strive towards better things and taller heights and would in all probability want to lend you their helping hand.

Concentrating on your goals and ambitions:

Like they say, “God helps those who help themselves”. The more effort you expend on achieving better things in life, the easier this will be.