What It Feels Like after Separating from Our Twin Flame

The wise Plato, in his Symposium said how human beings were initially created with two halves, one male and female; after they enraged the king of the gods, he struck and separated them with his thunderbolt, into halves incomplete.

But the king of the gods was a benevolent one, and made it possible for the halves to meet; since then it has been the cross mankind has to bear; to traverse the path called life in search of his/her lost half, their better halves.

This half, this completing piece of the puzzle of your story and mine and everyone else’s is the proverbial soulmate;

Every one encounters people that seem in that moment in life, to be THAT completing answer to all our prayers. Life with them is a bed of roses and even the thorns are worth the petals.

And yes, this happens many times. Trials, tribulations, detours and shortcuts and pitfalls BEFORE we do reach there bruised but wiser.

And even after that, they leave; sometimes it’s because of our shortcomings, sometimes it’s theirs’ or it might just be the time and situation that defeats you. But like they say, a shining armour is seldom tested.

My mother used to say everything in life is worth learning from; every joy, every sorrow, every trial and every fear. Loss is the greatest school one can learn from; the lesson might be a bit too much to take at that point, but it will be useful.

And besides, this is love we are talking about; it can never be a bad thing. Look at Francesco Petrarch for example; the man met his muse Loretta twice in his entire life and the only thing he ever managed to say to her was “Good morning” and yet wrote 360 of the world’s finest sonnets for her.

Yearning and craving for that missing piece can seem heart-wrenching. You will not be able to get out of bed and life will cease to have meaning.

Imagine a tree you clung to while a storm was trying to blow you away; imagine the sense of security you got from that clinging.
Then imagine if that tree was uprooted and you were swept away.

It is exactly as scary as it sounds.

But if your separation from that soulmate was for a legitimate reason, this will be a temporary pain. And this pain will help you grow.

What do you do after you fall from your bike because your foot slipped thanks to the sneakers you wearing? You stop wearing them while riding your bike in the future.

It’s the same with relationships and the grief associated with their endings: you re-evaluate yourself, introspect and reflect on your possible shortcomings and try to change that. Completion is not something people achieve overnight.

Show amazing grace in the letting go; use the grief to mould you into a better version of yourself. Love will happen again, no matter how hard you think it is.

You are human. It will happen.

Just make sure the next time, the next you is better than the you that you were before.