Take This Image Based Test To Find Out Your Most Intimate Fear

Sometimes I believe it is our fears, more than our accomplishments which define us. After all, aren’t we all bound by our fears and this is why we only try those things which we are comfortable in.

Fear is a very basic response to what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Evolution has shaped us in a way that we associate things which risk our survival with fear and thereby avoid them. But there is a slight glitch in this system. Sometimes, we start fearing certain things without even realising what exactly it is that we are afraid of. These triggers are usually related to suppressed emotions, and are not as easy to define.

The following picture test is a very good psychoanalysis of your subconscious. There is a very subtle image of a human skull, the universal symbol of fear. This triggers our mind to the possibility of danger, and therefore the image that you see is what you unconsciously relate to fear.

Little Girl

If the first thing you see is the little girl in the picture, then your fears come from emotions which you repressed during your childhood. It could be a loveless childhood or even some negative experience when you were an infant, or still in the womb.


Butterflies are usually a sign of hope. But it is actually related to new beginnings. A colourful butterfly symbolises a fresh start whereas a colourless one implies missed chances. Alternatively, they are also related to death as they carry the soul forward in the afterlife.


The Strawberry is connected to love. The reason the strawberry here is so big is because it symbolises the enormity of love that you have within you to give and yet are afraid of expressing. The reason you might be afraid of expressing your feelings might be because of some event your unconscious registered as a child


Spiders have long been associated with fear. The reason why we are afraid of these tiny pests is because for survival we needed to be apprehensive of the big danger these little things can cause. If you saw the spider in the picture foremost, that means you are constantly on guard against your surroundings where you don’t feel safe.


Trees usually mean to symbolise roots and in this way our identities. The trees in this picture meet at the top and form a bridge. This meeting together of two trees means that you have a split personality within yourself which you want to unite but are not able to.

Teddy Bears

Since teddy bears are a huggable source of comfort they are associated with warmth and familiarity. However here the teddy bears are slightly twisted. This implies that you are afraid of that warmth being corrupted or taken away. Your greatest fear is being afraid.