20 Bizarre But Hilarious Antique Costume Ideas For Halloween

20 bizarre but hilarious antique costume ideas for HalloweenBesides being an incredibly spooky time of the year, Halloween has become a night on which people let their creative side run wild.

People like to let their imaginations run loose with their costume ideas and the search for the perfect costume has been on for centuries. In the past couple hundred years, people have come up with some truly weird but brilliant ensembles.

Check out a few of the best below:

1. We all enjoy savoring some crisp rashers of bacon. But this man took it too far, even if he did win the Covent Garden Fancy Dress Ball of 1894.

2. This couple has clearly decided that they want to roll down a hill without facing any injuries on Halloween night.

3. This gnome who looks like he’s staring into your soul and the creepy toadstools behind him went all out to get the perfect thematic photo.

4. What do you do when you’re too lazy to buy a mask for Halloween? Just tie a phone to your head and you’ve got a winner.

5. This costume is brilliant because it could mean anything from a pile of cabbages to rabbit food. It will leave viewers filled with enough curiosity to fuel gossip.

6. This couple tried to go as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head but ended up as something that could haunt your nightmares.

7. A true personification of ‘Big Brother is always watching’, this is true dedication as the costume doesn’t seem to come with an opening for food or water.

8. Again, an ensemble that leaves us with more questions than answers. At least they’ve nailed the spook factor.

9. The sheer casualness of this picture makes it exceedingly creepy. It’s almost like it was completely normal for women to dress like this for pictures on a daily basis.

10. Kids in rain coats have been made creepy thanks to Stephen King’s It. Now add that to a duct tape mask which is supposed to look like a planet and it’s a perfect horror story.

11. This family wins the most terrifying family ensemble. They were decades ahead of their time as this is clearly the origin story of the Nun from Conjuring 2.

12. This man is paying homage to Thanksgiving and the way he’s pulling it off makes it look more regal than scary.

13. It’s strange how all of us have pictured Humpty Dumpty as an egg even though the rhyme never mentions it. But a mangled body costume would still not be as terrifying as this transformation gone wrong.

14. While the small part of the man’s face that we can see is creepy enough, that wallpaper is what really gives you the heebie-jeebies.

15. A scarily, accurate depiction of a fly, it is great for those who like to spend time at parties as the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’.

16. Is it a bird? Is it an alien? Is it both? This person has also perfected the menacing stare of an alien hell-bent on taking over the earth.

17. Next up is a couple of weasels from well-bred families. The female looks just as terrified as we are right now.

18. If you’re trying to come up with the perfect ensemble costume for you and your mates, you cannot do better than these creepy felines with their dwarf overlord.

19. While this costume is definitely amazing for the attention to detail, some of it is just weird. Like, why does the plane have weird cylinders attached to its blades?

20. Elementary school picture days have always been important but this class was clearly trying to give any kindly grandparent who got this picture a heart attack