A Short Story About a Husband’s Visit to a Psychologist

Our husband in question,

Mr. H was at his psychologist Mr. P’s office. Over their conversation, Mr. P asked him about his job and source of earning. Quite robustly Mr. H stated that he was a Bank Accountant.

When asked about his wife’s career he responded that she was just a Housewife and didn’t do anything. Mr. P then asked after his daily routine. Mr. H said that his day started with breakfast, which his wife prepared since she wasn’t working at a regular job.

On a little probing by Mr. P, he admitted that to cook the breakfast she had to wake up at 5 AM everyday as she also had to clean the entire house before she could start cooking.

When asked how the kids commuted to the school, Mr. H again took the name of his wife, getting a bit wary. After all, she didn’t have a job, wasn’t it obvious for Mr. P that she’d be doing all these duties around the house? He added that she also went to the supermarket, did the laundry once back home. Mr. P finally asked him about their evening routines.

Mr. H said he took rest after a grueling day at work while his wife cleaned, cooked food for their children and themselves, clean the dishes, put them to sleep etc.

Once you have read this story, you might have come to the realization that the wife, who was supposed to not be working, ends up working the most. Her work hours start much before her job-going husband, and don’t end up to the last minute of her day.

In fact, the wife is clearly working much more hours than her husband and her work load too is not tiny, yet she is considered to be NOT WORKING. Even though her job profile might not be an official one, doesn’t mean that she sits idle and is not working.

The job of a Housewife is neither recognized as a job, nor does it require a particular degree or training from an institution. They would never get an overtime bonus or a promotion for a job well done. In fact, as the given example clearly shows, their labors would go unnoticed in the eyes of their husbands, and later maybe even their children.

But this should not be the case. You can begin to get a rough idea of how much a Housewife is worth if you start calculating the cost of hiring a person or service to do jobs such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, babysitting and the list goes on.

Even then, you’d just get the idea of the monetary worth of the work that the Woman of the house does every day without asking for anything in return. Whereas, there are uncountable sacrifices that she makes everyday which can never be put a value on.

Take this story as a reminder and never forget to appreciate and value the contribution of your wife in your happy home life.