This Kid Remembers His Past Life as His Grandfather

How often we have heard a father tell his son some rendition of ‘When I was your age….’ How strange it must be to see the tables turned when a son said that to his father!

The child in the story, Gus Taylor claims that he has been reborn as his own grandchild and therefore knows all about the family even when he was just a year old. Most of the stories of rebirth and reincarnations that you have heard must be part of fantasy fiction.

Yet even fantasy is based on reality to some extent. Who knows how many rebirths could have been recorded but were lost because no one took the kid seriously. Or that there weren’t enough evidences in reach for a child to prove that he did remember his previous life.

The memories are the freshest in childhood and begin to fade as new ones take their place. However in this recent case of a reincarnation, the family did not take long to believe their child as all the evidence one could need were right there, in the family.

Though most of these claims are brushed off as flights of fancy, it is rather hard to ignore when the kid is consistent with their story and all the proofs check out (Not to mention if he chose to take his father-like tone on his father- pretty confusing I know).

Gus has so far passed in every test that the adults threw at him. He could recognize his grandfather (himself) in all of his childhood pictures without breaking a sweat, and even the very first car that he owned.

A year before Gus was born, his Grandfather died and now he is saying that he took a rebirth in his own family. As soon as he began talking he started talking of his previous life as an adult, the father of his father.

But perhaps the most convincing or traumatizing thing that Gus said, which made everyone believe him was about the murder of his sister (in the previous life), that is Gus’ great-aunt.

She was killed and her body was thrown in the San Francisco Bay, and even though all if it happened way before Gus was born, he knew all about the murder and said that his sister/great-aunt has turned into a fish as she was thrown in the water.

Naysayers would say that he could have found out about it in archives and news cutting, but Gus is way too young to even know what those are and no one in the family told him of it for sure. Without even knowing where to start how would he come to such a creepily accurate conclusion!

This is among hundreds of other things that Gus seems to know without anyone telling him and his family now pays great attention to whatever he said.

This is an advice to all parents to listen closely to their children’s ramblings, they might actually be important for you or someone you know.