6 Crucial Steps In Making A Universal Shift in Consciousness of Humanity

Even those who are not awakened spiritually could not have remained oblivious to the enormous turbulence that our world is facing. Those who are on the other hand, know that this is because the world as we know is in a transitional phase, shifting from the 3rd dimension to the 4th.

This ascent into a new dimension is in congruence with the multidimensional universe theory and is completely natural and nothing to be feared. This article focuses on how to make this shift most effortlessly and not be affected by all the turbulence. Having said that, it is not necessary that everyone in the present would make this ascent, only those who are awakened and beyond prejudices, who believe in harmony and unity of everything within the Universe would be able to.

Those who’d rather focus on petty discrimination and separations, those who are driven only by a selfish motive for existence and promote conflict won’t be able to feel the change and remain stuck in the 3rd dimension.

Here are 6 ways to make the transition in human consciousness

  • Letting go of emotional baggage

Every soul that has been separated from the Divine soul in pursuit of the earthly experience knows to have suffered lot of harsh emotions. However not everyone chooses to process these unpleasant emotions and prefer to ignore their existence. However they can’t be wished away and remain buried in our soul. Unless one is able to let go of these negative energies which pull us down, they won’t be able to ascend to a higher realm.

  • To be able to stay Neutral

Unless you can uphold the principle of the sacred neutral you won’t be able to let go of the petty grievances that plague the 3rd dimension. Letting yourself get affected by obscurity and fear will get in the way of your reasoning. Try remaining detached and let the cosmos play out the course that is inevitable.

  • Be the beacon of unconditional love

In these turbulent times, which are expected to last for about a decade, it is the duty of the awakened to provide support to those who need it and are confused about what is happening around them.

  • Concentrate your energies on building the new

As Socrates said: ‘the best way to deal with the change is to help build the new instead of mourning over the loss of the old.’ The sooner you accept that the old has to go the better you’d be able to move forward.

  • Envision a Smooth transition

Just because turbulence is natural and expected in such times of huge shifts doesn’t mean that there can be no peace. Don’t give up the hope of a peaceful transition and try focusing on those aspects.

  • Be an example for others

Be the beacon of change for the other lost souls by showing them the way of kindness. The more                    people who try to emulate your example the sooner this transition would be able to take place.