Ten Uncomfortable Signs That You Are Actually Becoming The Person That You Are Supposed To Be

We humans undergo the process of growth, from childhood to maturity. And during this process of growing, we undergo many changes, both for the good and bad. And it is then we realize we are actually becoming the person we have always aspired to become. Here are 10 signs that show us this transformation.

  • Loneliness becomes our place of peace and individualism our strength.

As years pass by along with our age, we tend to become more independent. We depend less on others from the fear of being considered as a burden. If someone willingly tries to help you, we sincerely thank them for their effort but prefer to do our own work. Though we know a lot of friends, we feel lonely at times. But the loneliness indeed does a lot of good since we get time to look at our own selves and improve accordingly.

  • We realize we have some serious disbelief in our own selves.

What we lack the most today is self belief. We think we are not up to the required level. As a result majority of us suffer from mood swings, depression, trust issues, lack of confidence. It is very important that we cover up these loopholes and simultaneously work towards building a more strong self.

  • We narrow down our relationships in life

As time passes up, our large group of friends slowly reduces and shrinks. We cut off all the unnecessary people from our lives. We think upon who is genuine and who is not, who is real and who is not. And accordingly we narrow down our acquaintances. We may feel sad or dejected to see close friends betraying or even guilty to shove them off your life, but you know what is important for you. Relationships which are toxic and emotionally hazardous impact your inner self, your mind and career. Hence you decide to do what you feel is the best. Life turns beautiful with few close, genuine good people.

  • We suffer from severe trust issues.

Life goes on. People stay, people leave. But leaving has a deep psychological impact on our minds. So we are scared from trusting anybody blindly. You learn from previous experiences of betrayal and heartbreaks. So you stay cautious. We don’t easily trust anyone with anything, largely regarding your life decisions to avoid any further disappointments.

  • You feel that life is extremely boring.

We are hardly satisfied with our own lives. We always want to achieve something more, not realizing that achievements have no limits and that shouldn’t be a cause of dissatisfaction. Following the daily routine of going to college or attending office becomes tedious and same, like a cycle being repeated. There is no recreation at all and sometimes the weekends go boring as usual. We always want some entertainment which we don’t get.

  •   Sadness becomes your best friend.

This is the age when we become too familiar with sadness. Out of 24 hours in a day, we remain sad and drooping for almost 8 hours. We suffer from severe frustration. We complain about life and its drudgeries, with the routine life we tend to feel suffocated. Therefore sadness overcomes our mind. We become less hopeful and sometimes even hit the extreme lowest points of our life. We keep on comparing our lives to the others and crib about how it’s dull and lifeless.

  • Time becomes a major constraint.

The most important thing we lack in our daily busy lives is time. The clock seems to run every day, leaving no time to even take a breath of air in. You work 24 hours a day, barely get the time to eat and sleep properly. You cannot take out time for recreation purposes and you are working on the weekends too. Youngsters working outside in the cities hardly get time to come home and visit their parents and relatives. Sometimes you are so determined and dedicated in your work field that you put in all the effort you have by working day in and day out. This shows your strong sense of resolution and persistency.

  • You regret your past mistakes.

We sit back and contemplate upon our past mistakes. As a result we suffer from guilt complex. You wish things had not happened in that way and you eagerly want to go back and change all the happenings, all your mistakes. Your mind remains preoccupied with that for several more days.

  • You always miss your family and relatives.

We are more prone to homesickness. We miss homemade food. We miss our mother’s touch, her scolding, all of your father’s love. You start living alone in some new city, separate and miles away from everyone and desperately want to go back home. You miss all the fun with your cousins. But slowly we adjust and realize that to earn something in life, we have to sacrifice much.

  •  You are highly tensed about your future.

This is the time when you usually build up your career. As we look at the prospects or job opportunities in the field or subject we are studying in, we grow increasingly nervous and tensed about what to do next. We get confused seeing so many options, anxious if your choice of career is correct, whether it will work out and bear fruits or not.

But at the end we carve our own paths and succeed in life.