These Are The 10 Stages Of Awakening Each Person Has To Go Through Before Achieving Enlightenment

Awakening is a continuous process. When you are fully awakened, you become more aware of your surroundings and people. A fully awakened person can recognize another awakened person easily. But the most important thing to remember is that awakening is to make life easier and simpler.

Following are the 10 stages that you undergo if you’re on the journey of awakening:

1. Restlessness

You are always restless about your lie. You feel that something is missing or something is wrong in the way that you are living your life. You start to realize that your happiness, success and grief, all belong to you only and you are the sole person who has the control over your life.

2. Epiphany

All emotions encounter you, but pain dominates all of them. You tend to question everything about your life and challenge it. You live your present, but your past haunts you.

3. Push and pull

Everything seems meaningless – even your life. You realize the uncertainty of the future. Afraid of the destination of the path of awakening, you are in dilemma. You want to keep walking because it might be better than staying where you are, but at the same time, worried about the consequences.

4. Darkness

You start seeing all the negativity around you – the poor, the crimes, the disasters, the humans. You fell that you don’t belong here anymore. Being alone or being close to nature feels better than interacting with the society. You want the answer to the only question – “Who am I?”

5. Connectedness

You feel connected to the world like never before. Rather than changing it, you believe in changing yourself. You realize that you are here for a greater purpose. Your interest shifts toward spirituality and metaphysical entities.

6. Synchronicity

More you connect to this Earth, more you notice the interconnectedness of all elements – even your thoughts’ and emotions’ connection to your life. Every feeling you encounter has a direct effect to the reality that you’re going to face soon. You appreciate the synchronicity of elements.

7. Self authenticity

You feel more connected to yourself that to anyone else. You bring forth your real self. Your real self helps you in taking better decisions and guide you to the greater purpose.

8. Higher consciousness

Now is the time of transformation. Since, you have met your real self and realized the connections of your existence; your conscience helps you become strong, emotionally and spiritually. Obstacles in life are mere situations that you have to cross. Your peaceful mind thinks it through and gives the best solution without much chaos.

9. Co-creation

You have found the Divine – the one who gave you the greater purpose. It can be your guardian angel or your spirit guide or even, your own higher self. Your powers expand and you feel everything more deeply.

10. Unconditional love

Life reveals more of itself. You realize that life is all about love. So, you want to be love, give love and receive lots of love.