What The Signs Don’t Want To Know About Themselves

While all the signs have good traits, they each also have their own dark side. It is easy to change these aspects if we first find out the reason for their existence.

This article is just a look at the ugly side of each sign.


Aries take their independence a bit too far by thinking that they are the best and don’t need to depend on anyone. They’re short tempered and not exactly giving.


Sheer pig-headedness is the defining characteristic of a Taurus. They are also so materialistic that they will sell off anything and anyone for money. This tends to make them act very superior and snobby.


Rumor-mongers and show offs, Geminis are full of hot air most of the time. They are intelligent but they use that intelligence to manipulate and lie quite often.


True to their signs, Cancers are quite crabby even on their best days. While they guard their loved ones carefully, they are not above manipulating them to get their way.


As arrogant as an actual lion, Leos will do anything to stay in the spotlight. They are actually quite insecure but they use their pomposity and lavish lifestyle to look like they have command over everyone and everything.


Virgos are very finicky and can make people go mad with their habit of finding fault with everything. They also suffer from anxiety and constantly believe that they are sick even though they are usually in perfect health.


Keeping the peace is essential for them which means that they will lie if it means they can avoid confrontation. They like to live above their means and will only befriend those who will benefit them.


People hate this sign because they tend to sleep around and are quite okay with forcing others to betray their partners. They will do anything they can to obtain the things they desire. Their paranoia also makes them stalkers.


No party is complete without a Sagittarius to liven it up and you know they’ll never say no to a good time. They have grandiose ideas but lack the commitment to actually see any of them through.


Capricorns tend to be quite dull because they are almost too industrious. They are very driven to fulfill their goals but can be brutal to whoever gets in their way. Their pessimism is so strong that it can affect those around them.


Their complete detachment from worldly matters can make them seem bizarre to everyone else. Their sense of humor is also quite hurtful to others. They also have to be right at all times and will do just about anything to prove your point.


Pisces are pushovers who will wear a ‘kick me’ sign on their backs if that will please someone. They are also quite impractical and are hardly able to stay organized. This makes them lose quite a bit of money because they are also kind by nature.