One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Will Change Your Life For Good

It might seem a bit far-fetched that you would change your way of living for what a stranger said, but it is true.

And this person wouldn’t just be any other stranger, their appearance in your life wouldn’t be random at all, in fact it might happen when you need it the most.

This chance meeting would be unexpected and could take place anywhere, it might happen when you’re vacationing on another continent or it might take place at a coffee shop right next to your workplace.

The duration too need not be very lengthy to make it seem important and meaningful. It could just be a glance, a word or a little chat, it might even be a long winded discussion there is no denying that. Whatever it is, it will change you by changing how you perceive things around you. After having met that stranger, everything would change, the way you look at the world and everyone in it, even the way you think of yourself.

 It might seem as you’ve been living in a daydream and were suddenly jerked back to reality. Or it might be a bit more gentle and subtle but its effect will remain with you for long and you better make sure that you never let that thought get away from you.

Because, there is a chance that you’ll never encounter this person again in your life. And no one else would ever be able to reproduce a conversation like that. Because no other person would be quite like them. They could’ve been your soulmate who was meant to just spend a few moments with you. Or you might turn into lifelong friends.

 This person will forever change your life because they’ll change the way you think of yourself. Their glance would be enough to tell you that they’ve known you for all of their life and they will remind you what you are worth. You might have never looked at yourself as valuable and worth much but they will show you what you have forgotten about yourself.

And once you’ve seen that, you’d never want to go back to the time when you always underestimated yourself. Because you can’t bear that all the potential that you have within you shall be wasted just because you couldn’t bring yourself to give proper credit to your talents.

 This person would be like a mirror. You will only see what has always been there but you always ignored. They will teach you to look within you and find worlds which you never thought existed.

They will help you see the real you, the you who has been submissive and suppressed owing to all the negativity in the world and toxicity of people.

Just remember this feeling when you finally feel in charge again and don’t let that feeling go away again for nothing in the world would be worth that. Keep the memory of that person burning fiercely within you and brush aside all future inhibitions.