Scientists Recorded the Sexual Act in 4-Dimensional Ultrasound and the Results Are Intense

Scientists always are intrigued to learn more and more about the human body. Will do experiments for everything at least once. Or two. Or three.

An example is the human sexual activity. It is known that sex lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and reduces risks of heart attack.

These benefits were the reasons that led the scientists to examine on a regular basis this human activity. In this one experiment they pulled 4 dimensional images and MRI scans of two people having sex, to better understand the process.

Needless to say that the two participants did not have much room to move inside the machine. However, despite the limited space, they managed to carry out their task.

During the process, scientists watched the practice from every corner on their computer screens.

Meanwhile, the famous author of “Bonk: The Curious Coupling Of Science and Sex,” Mary Roach, was herself the subject of scientific experiment.

See here the video in which she speaks about her experience.

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