The Different Ways In Which Different Signs Of The Zodiac Will Part Ways With You

The Different Ways In Which Different Signs Of The Zodiac Will Part Ways With You

The Different Ways In Which Different Signs Of The Zodiac Will Part Ways With You


Aries would rather have it all or none at all. If they feel you are distancing yourself from them, they will take it too far. They would flare up and things would turn quite bad quickly. And that would be the end of it all, really.


Their method of forever removing you from their life involves the social media. They will make sure there is no social media platform where the two of you are connected; out of sight, out of mind.


Gemini’s way of handling these things is not exactly mature. They don’t want to live with the guilt of driving people off. So they will devise ways to irritate and anger you, hoping that you will storm off yourself and they don’t have to do the dirty deed.


Like the Gemini, Cancers too are not comfortable with the idea of kicking people off their life. And therefore they will not do it at all. Even though it will harm them and haunt them every single day.


Another one who doesn’t handle partings well. Therefore they too avoid it like the plague. They will make a million excuses rather than coming out clean about why they are not meeting you. It will be better if you take the hint.


They will cut off all the ties at once. They will be polite and respond if you try to reach them. But they will never try to get in touch themselves; all the while hoping that sooner or later you will catch up and stop trying.


They believe in giving second chances. But, if you scorn them a second time or the third, that’s it. They will be done with you and never look back.


They will never cut you off completely. But your existence would be just background noise to them. They will send you the customary Christmas greeting, but beyond that, you are as good as dead to them.


They will go to the extremes just to avoid having a conversation with you. They won’t just block your number, they will change their own. They don’t realize that it is easier to talk things through than the effort it take in trying to avoid someone.


Capricorns can come off as the rudest of all the signs. They will cut all kinds of contact out of the blue and won’t bother to tell you why. They will stop responding to all advances from you and just pretend that you don’t exist.


At least Aquarius has the courtesy to tell you what you did wrong. They will tell you everything that they feel, maybe in the form of a letter or a really long text. In this way, they get to vent their feelings and tell you everything that bothers them. And with this closure, they will walk away.


And Pisces will also let you know exactly every single thing that you might have screwed up. But they won’t say anything to your face. They will tell it to everyone of their acquaintances and yours, and sooner or later you too will get the news.