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Bali Volcano About to Erupt, Evacuations Already in Order


Bali Volcano About to Erupt, Evacuations Already in Order

I’m not entirely sure if I believe the end is near, but I can’t deny that the sequential chain of natural disasters still going on in the world today is terrifying me.

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I’m sure I’m not alone either, especially after hearing about the erupting Bali volcano.

There has been a tremendous amount of natural devastation happen in the year two thousand seventeen. Almost every different region of the world has experienced some form of a devastating natural; disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, monsoons, and tropical storms.

Just weeks ago southern Texas was being slammed by hurricane Harvey. One week later, the East Coast and Southern Florida experienced devastation from hurricane Irma! If two hurricanes in one week aren’t already insane, Southern Asia is experiencing record-setting monsoons and flooding, Japan and Mexico just suffered from two earthquakes, and now a Bali Volcano is about to erupt!

Bali is on high alert right now due to tremors around Mount Agung Volcano. Authorities have warned tourists to avoid hiking and camping within four miles of the mountain because tremors shook the area and smoke rose above the crater, 3,000m above sea level.

“Volcanic activity remains high and there are indications of magma rising to the surface and causing tremors,” saidSutopo Purwo Nugroho of the National Disaster Management Agency. “There should be zero public activity within the specified radius in case there is an eruption.”

There have already been over 6,000 people evacuated for safety reasons, and they expect more to come. Some residents at the foothills were reluctant to move, and some are even gathering to watch the volcano in groups!

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