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If Your Child Shows Any of These 15 Signs They Are A Natural Born Empath

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If Your Child Shows Any of These 15 Signs They Are A Natural Born Empath

Empathetic children are much more sensitive than other children and harder to take care of. The sensory overload they experience can be highly damaging if not put under control.

Empathetic children have far more intense senses than others, and they’re also rarely socially accepted.  Parents need to guide sympathetic children properly so they can integrate in society. Child empaths are a gift which needs to be nurtured, not abandoned or refused.

Here are 15 signs which indicate that your child is an empath:

  • They have a couple of friends

If your child has only a few friends, it means that they cherish friendship deeply and don’t care about shallow connections. Empathetic children have a few friends in general, and they’re pretty satisfied about it.

  • They take on stress from other people

If your child is stressed or depressed when you are too, you can bet he\she is empathetic.

  • They can rarely handle their emotions when you’re upset

If your child lashes out when you’re upset, it’s because they can’t handle their emotions as expected.

  • They have a deep connection with animals and plants

Empathetic children certainly know their way with nature than the rest of us.

  • They are highly intuitive

Empathetic children are highly intuitive and tend to know the truth even when they don’t understand it. They can often understand something right away without further explanation.

  • They want to be left alone

These children often prefer to stay alone than in the company of friends.

  • They are great listeners

Empathetic children are often the best shoulder to cry on.

  • They are compassionate

These children want to help everyone in need and are always compassionate.

  • They hate family gatherings

If your child hates family gatherings and does anything to avoid them, there are good chances that they are empathetic.

  • They react to books and movies intensely

Empathetic children react to movies and books more intense than others because they connect and empathize with the characters profoundly.

  • They feel unfit for society

These children often have problems fitting with other children or society as a whole.

  • They are overstimulated when in crowds

When in big crowds, empathetic children may get overstimulated and may easily become too emotional.

  • They don’t like noise

Loud noises are a big no-no for empaths – noises can easily overwhelm them and make them panic.

  • They feel things deeply

Empaths usually feel deeper than others and can absorb emotions from people around them.

  • They know when you’re lying

Empathetic children know when you’re lying even when they’re young, so don’t even bother.

If your child is an empath, you need to help them and guide them towards recognizing their triggers. Once they understand this, they will become truly great people.

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