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Things From Anime That Would Be Weird In Real Life


Things From Anime That Would Be Weird In Real Life

Things From Anime That Would Be Weird In Real Life Featured Image


We keep on making lists to entertain you all, readers of our website. We previously shared “Awkward Moments Every Anime Nerd Have Experienced” and today we’re going to share things which would look ridiculously funny in real world but look just fine in anime world.

1. Having your own theme song!!!Family reunions would never be the same

2. Nose bleeding after seeing a cutie!


Hiding your excitement would get even more difficult.

3. Tearing of clothes after a simple touch.


Looks like Hulk Hogan designed these clothes!

4. Being the only guy or girl in whole school!


It would be both great and weird.

5. Eating like Monkey D. Luffy.


Your stomach wouldn’t live much longer!

6. Gainaxing


Breasts have mind of their own ^_^

7. Acting Yandre on your crush.


Never going to get him or her ever!

8. Taking few time off from saving the dying world.


Most probably from zombies!

9. Talking with your eye closed!


Not sure whom you’re talking to!

10. Narrating every single details of any event loudly!


People would go deaf!

11. Going all tsundere on someone


Not sure if someone gonna love you for sending mixed up messages!

12. Running with toast and noodles and other stuff in your mouth!


Not sure if your stomach gonna like it.

13. Beating someone to death just to make them your friends!!!


Never happening in real life though!

14. When you decide not to die even if you’re killed!


Who would mind doing that?

15. Teachers stop wondering and caring if you’re present or not in class.


Followed by millions of bunks!

16. Monologuing in the middle of a sports game


10 seconds left, but let me tell you why your waifu is shit.

17. Traveling the world at 10

large (1)

Cause age is just a number and airplanes service no longer charge you!

18. Fillers


Life progression just got harder

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