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20 Cosplay Costumes That Were Made With Lowest Budget


20 Cosplay Costumes That Were Made With Lowest Budget

Today we’re going to share with you guys cool cosplay costumes which were made with lowest budget or you can say were made using household stuff like cushions and similar stuff.

Previously we shared top One Punch Man Cosplays which actually defines the word perfect as they were on point! So lets start with today’s list.

1. Queen (Snow White)


2. Majin Buu(Dragon Ball) 54b4cfe532bb1

3. Zhuge Liang(Three Kingdom) 54b4cff84d7c8

4. Optimus Prime(Transformer) 54b4d2d3cfcab

5. Tony Tony Chopper(One Piece) 54b4d2e3edd3f

6. Power Rangers


7. Hyuga Neji(Naruto) 54b4d2f11dddb

8. Frieza(Dragon Ball) 54b4d2fa964c2

9. The Great White 54b4cd0187458

10. Bentham(One Piece) 54b4d5986ce2d

11. Goku(Dragon Ball)


12. Meowth(Pokemon) 54b4cf988a978

13. Wolverine(X-Men) 54b4cd0316388

14. Elsa(Frozen) 54b4cd03d2f06

15. Statue of Liberty 54b4cd059cdfc

16. Seiya(Saint Seiya)


17. Piccolo(Dragon Ball) 54b4cfc93c8e3

18. Guile(Street Fighter) 54b4cd066632c

19. Gasshu Beru(Zatch Bell) 54b4cd08cfb2e

20. Cell(Dragon Ball) 54b4cd0a95bd6

That’s all for now!

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