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Artist Draws Comics Of Her Life With Her Boyfriend And Cats, And It’s Totally Adorable


Artist Draws Comics Of Her Life With Her Boyfriend And Cats, And It’s Totally Adorable

Artist Draws Comics Of Her Life With Her Boyfriend And Cats, And It’s Totally Adorable Featured Image

For hundreds of years now, comics have been used to express ideas through images from famous characters like Charlie Brown to superheroes saving the day. However, some comics are solely created to illustrate relatable day-to-day moments. Sarah Graley, an artist based in Birmingham, UK, has created a humorous series that follows her life with her “cat-like” boyfriend and their four cats Pesto, Toby, Pixel, and Wilson. Our Super Adventure finds comedy in everyday mundane situations that we’ve all been through now and again.

Here are 16 examples of Graley’s diary comic, Our Super Adventure. It will have you giggling along with the misadventures of these twenty-somethings and their four cats. When it comes to relationships, one can never know what goes on behind closed doors. However, Sarah Graley has decided to let the world in on the cute and not-so-cute moments of her relationship.

Graley received a first class honors degree in illustration and has been sharing her unique voice with the world ever since. Our Super Adventure quickly found an audience after Graley began sharing strips on her website.

She started the diary series in late 2012 and then self-published three short volumes of strips once it started to gain a following.

In July 2015, Graley reached out to her fans to fund a hardcover book compiling 200 Our Super Adventure comic strips on Kickstarter. The campaign was wildly successful and was funded over 400% of the original target.

Graley was inspired to document the daily ongoings of her quirky yet adorable relationship because she had never seen it being done in the comic medium.

“Before I got into comics, I believed for a really long time that comics were just about really muscular men in capes,” Graley told Upworthy.

It’s the simple relationship (and cat owning) moments that Graley has decided to explore in Our Super Adventure. She illustrates each with comic exaggeration that’s both hilarious and relatable.

Graley wished that she had grown up with unique comic book characters she could relate to, and hopes that her unconventional characters will resonate with those who feel the same.

While Graley’s comic series is chock-full with adorable relationship moments, there are also some that show her and her boyfriend in a less than flattering light. However, she admits that she has no problem exposing that side of herself.

“I’m a pretty open book,” Graley told Upworthy. “So writing about mine and Stef’s relationship and being honest — it doesn’t feel unnatural or weird until somebody will talk to me about a particular strip in-depth in person.”

Some writers throw themselves out of their comfort zones for inspiration, but Graley has proven that her home life can provide the perfect source of material.

Graley works from a studio at home dedicated to comic making and absolutely loves that she gets to spend all day with her four cats.

“Every comic I draw as part of this series is a real-life event,” Graley told The Huffington Post. “So all the super cute and also super gross stuff really happened!”

Outside of her autobiographical comic series, Graley has a few other works that have a growing fanbase. Her other work includes Pizza Witch, an adventure story about a quest to satisfy a lactose intolerant customer, and Kim Reaper, a queer supernatural adventure series.

However, Sarah Graley continues to keep her fans updated with comic strips illustrating the everyday life of her, her boyfriend and their four cats on the Our Super Adventure website.

“It’s comforting to have someone you can talk to about anything, and [Stef’s] always helping me with my comics,” Graley told The Huffington Post. “I feel like we’re this tight little unit and it’s exciting to be this team together! I feel like we can take on anything!”

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