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Kaido defeats Luffy with a single blow !


Kaido defeats Luffy with a single blow !

Kaido defeats Luffy with a single blow ! ⋆ Anime & Manga Featured Image

After attacking Kaido, Luffy runs into a heavily injured Speed, who along with Tama had been brutally attacked by Kaido on their way to Tama’s home.

In a fit of rage, Luffy prepares to attack Kaido. Despite still in a drunken state, Kaido recognizes Luffy and comments how he’s finally arrived in Wano. He then unleashes another blast of fire towards Luffy, incinerating the immediate area; however, Lady Speed is able to propel Luffy into the air towards Kaido’s eye level. Luffy immediately activates Gear Third and pummels Kaido with numerous punches.

The remaining Beast Pirates are shocked to see Kaido taking such a tremendous beating and he falls from the sky, transforming back into his human form. Luffy rushes forward, activates Gear Fourth and resumes his attack. However, Kaido manages to get to his feet to the surprise of everyone. Glaring at Luffy, Kaido swings his kanabō and defeats Luffy with a single blow!!

Then Kaido mocks Luffy’s proclamation of becoming the Pirate King as Luffy soars through the air and is knocked unconscious from the blow.

What will happen now? Will Luffy join Eustass Kid at Kaido’s Prison? And what about Trafalgar Law? He will end up like Luffy and Kid?

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