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Dragon Ball Super Reveals The Secret To Broly’s Ultimate Power!


Dragon Ball Super Reveals The Secret To Broly’s Ultimate Power!

Dragon Ball Super Reveals The Secret To Broly’s Ultimate Power! ⋆ Anime & Manga Featured Image

Hey guys! How’s it going on!? There’s barely two weeks left before the first premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly airs in Japan on November 14, 2018. Well, even if it’s been shown to just a 1000 people, I am pretty sure that spoilers are surely gonna come out here and there. So, again I am warning you guys to avoid spoilers starting November 14. I will try not to spoil you guys but I am pretty sure the social media would be full of spoilers.

Well, after the announcement of Dragon Ball Super: Broly being canon, one of the biggest questions or rather a mystery is about this new canon version of Broly and the supernatural version of his Super Saiyan power. We all know that the basic backstory about Broly is pretty much the same, that he’s really powerful so he’s been exiled to a dark far away planet so he doesn’t revolt back or steal Prince Vegeta’s position.

Well, leaving that we finally have some new information about the bad ass new canon character Broly. In the previous movies, Broly was actually referred to as the “Legendary Super Saiyan,” which was part of a prophecy about a Saiyan who appears every 1,000 years, able to tap into a seemingly unlimited source of power, at the risk of being corrupted by a berserker rage that overrides all reason and control. Pretty similar, huh?

One of the things they changed in the new movie is that instead of ‘Legendary’, Broly’s power or form is referred to as “Ultimate Super Saiyan”. Also, it seems like Broly would be achieving this form for the first time in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. It also kinda explains why Broly wouldn’t have come up on people’s radar as his power level wasn’t so high to be considered as life threatening or something before his power up.

So we have a perfect translation from our friend @Herms98 on twitter which explains where all this information comes from. It also seems like we are really in for a big space soap opera. We are learning that there’s going to be a very emotional incident which is gonna trigger Broly very harshly. However, that will allow Broly to tap into that unlimited source of power and get a new transformation. It actually goes as –

Got some questions about this: the Broly (Full Power) card that came with the Lotte Bikkuriman crossover (those individually wrapped wafers you’ve seen). Here’s the card back and the @Herms98-approved (and Herms-written) translation:

— Cipher (@Cipher_db) October 26, 2018

“Broly Full Power – A gigantic full power transformation triggered by intense sorrow, with pupil-less eyes and a 3-meter tall muscular frame! He transforms into a demon said to be a uniquely-evolved Super Saiyan?! Rumor: Since he was violent and had a power level of over 10,000 from birth, he was fitted with a control device that restricts his movements?!” Power level of 10,000 as a baby!? This is insane.

Broly is already pretty huge and now they are saying that he will become a 3 meter tall muscular demon filled up with immense sorrow ready to destroy anything which comes under his sight!? They were also specific about how he’s going to be a uniquely evolved Super Saiyan, it must be about the Ultimate Super Saiyan. Also, it seems like Broly had that control device since birth. Maybe King Vegeta was the one who ordered for it.

Even then, the thing which we all need to think about is about the phrase “intense sorrow”. It is confirmed that the secret to Broly’s bizarre demonic transformation is none other than his emotions. Classic move by the creators, this “intense sorrow” is the sole thing that leads to his Ultimate Super Saiyan transformation but what could this intense sorrow be? I could only think of a few things which could act as potential reasons –

Well, the first and most obvious reason could be the death of Paragus, his father. I don’t know if you remember but there was this one small text spoiler where it said that Frieza is waving Paragus’ bloody shirt at Broly. I really don’t think Frieza would actually kill Paragus as he was pretty much alive in front of Goku and Vegeta. They wouldn’t let Frieza just kill another Saiyan in front of their eyes. Still, his death could be a trigger.

Another reason could be that he learns the truth about his whole Saiyan history. He was exiled because of his power by the jealous King Vegeta, only to be stranded for decades with his father alone in a dark far away planet. Moreover, the saiyans were ultimately exterminated by Frieza in the end and Frieza is the true destroyer of his true home, just making his already tragic life even more tragic. They literally have no home to go back to now.

Also, Broly is also supposed to have a mother right? I suppose she also died with the rest of the saiyans? Now, Broly who already lost his mother, loses his only blood relative, his father right in front of his eyes. If that doesn’t break a person then I don’t know what else could be more tragic or sorrowful. Well, it’s been teased that it is going to be a dramatic story, so it’s fine. What do you guys think about it?

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