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Mom posts picture of her nails on Facebook – gets immediate message telling her to seek medical help


Mom posts picture of her nails on Facebook – gets immediate message telling her to seek medical help

Mom posts picture of her nails on Facebook – gets immediate message telling her to seek medical help Featured Image ShareTweet

One of the most enabling things about social media is that humans are connected on a never before witnessed scale.

We can update our friends and family about the daily ongoings of our lives, as well as post questions, recommendations, warnings and opinions. Sure, having your newsfeed flooded by the business of others isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s more than one case of it having proven to be a literal life-saver.

It certainly could turn out to be in the case of 53-year-old Jean Williams Taylor, who uploaded a photo of her nails to Facebook to show everyone how curved they were. Jean thought this was a result of bad genes, but it soon transpired that it was her body’s way of warning her. It wasn’t until she received a message from somebody else on Facebook that the frightening truth began to dawn …

##awareness#2 weeks ago i posted this pic on my wall asking if anyone had seen nails like this. A few google post later…

Posted by JeanJeannie Williams Taylor on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Jean Williams Taylor didn’t think much of having nails that curved somewhat unnaturally. Her mother – who had died of lung cancer – had them as well, and so Jean believed they’d been passed down through the gene pool.

When she received a message on Facebook from a medical professional – one advising her to seek a proper examination – she believed it to be over the top. Nevertheless, she went anyway, and there medical professionals instantly recognized what’s commonly known as ‘finger clubbing’. Also termed ‘digital clubbing’ or ‘Hippocratic nails’, they can sometimes signify issues of the lungs or heart.

After a series of tests, it was discovered that Jean had two tumors the size of golf balls in her lungs.

In the wake of her diagnosis – brought about by a chance intervention – Jean published a warning to Facebook for others to heed. She wants others to inspect their nails regularly, in a bid to ensure they better understand potential warning signs.

“That feels great,” Jean said. “I have actually got a lot of individuals sending me shares of their nails, however I’m no specialist I have actually just been detected less than 2 days.”

Inspecting your nails The bottom line is that we all need to be better at putting our health first and being aware of the messages our bodies are trying to deliver.

Your nails can be indicators of more underlying problems than you might believe, so it should always be encouraged that you seek medical advice if you notice anything out of the ordinary. For Jean, it would have been so easy to ignore the message of warning and continue with her life. As it was, she decided not to throw caution to the wind, and I’m sure she thanks her lucky stars that she didn’t.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your body, always get it checked out by a medical professional.

Help us share Jean’s warning by spreading this article on Facebook with friends and family. You never know, you could save someone’s life!

12 Ways To Lose Excess Hip Fat Naturally At Home

This leads to the appearance of cellulite (orange peel-like skin due to excess fat accumulation and expanding of the skin). It’s a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle, and you must change it NOW. Read on to know the ways to shed the excess fat from the hips, prevent sagging, and mold your hips back in shape. Shapely and firm buttocks not only flatter your figure but also improve posture and provide strength.

1: Calories Do Count If you think you can spot reduce the excess fat from your hips, unfortunately, you are wrong. You must aim at shedding the excess fat from your body and then look at ways to spot reduce the hip fat. Yes, calorie counting is a pain and if you are not comfortable with it, chuck it. But you can always make a smart guess at what kind of foods you must avoid to prevent consuming too many calories. Have raw veggies and fruits, drink green tea and herbal tea, avoid sugary and high-sodium foods, fried food, ketchup, and packaged fruit juices.

2: Drink Like A Fish Water, of course! Keeping yourself hydrated is the best way to flush out toxins and boost your metabolism. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water every day to see visible changes in your body weight, skin, and brain function. You can also add herbs and spices like cinnamon to your water to make it more appealing in taste and appearance.

3: Start Your day With Lemon Water Lemon water is a well-known fat mobilizer. The vitamin C in the lemon helps boost immunity and scavenges the harmful free oxygen radicals. It also helps balance the internal pH and kickstarts metabolism. Here’s how you can prepare lemon water.

4: Or Start Your Day With ACV ACV or apple cider vinegar is a great substitute for lemon or lime. It is natural and is known to have promoted weight loss in many dieters. Scientists have also found that ACV is a potent obesity inhibitor and can help reduce the risk of heart disease (2). Follow the method mentioned below to use it.

5: Use Sea Salt Did you know that constipation and a poor digestive system can make you gain weight and prevent normal functioning of the cells and organs? The colon or large intestine should be clean to keep your digestion fine and metabolism firing.

6: Coffee To Whittle The Excess Flab Drink a cup of black coffee 30 minutes before any meal for best results. If you are not a fan of caffeine, you can opt for green coffee, which has very less caffeine and is loaded with chlorogenic acid that boosts metabolism and prevents fat absorption. Drink two cups of black coffee, along with 3-4 liters of water to lose weight without putting in too much effort.

7: Include Healthy Fats In Your Diet Don’t be scared of all kinds of fat. There are healthy fats that help maintain cell integrity and aid proper functioning of various organs and biochemical reactions. Healthy fats have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the constant state of inflammation or stress, thereby lowering the chances of inflammation-induced weight gain. Include coconut oil, clarified butter (ghee), almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower butter, rice bran oil, olive oil, melon seeds, and pumpkin seeds in your diet.

8: Eat Healthy Eating healthy is not expensive if you know what you need exactly and where to find it. First, toss the unhealthy high sugar and high-sodium foods out of the window (or donate them). Next, restock your fridge and kitchen with healthy foods like veggies, fruits, herbs, spices, healthy fats, full-fat milk, full-fat yogurt, and lean protein. Make sure you don’t buy any processed food like salami, sausage, frozen foods, and potato wafers.

9: Try Green Tea Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. It contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a potent antioxidant that helps flush out toxins and kickstarts metabolism, improves digestion, increases satiety, and keeps you energetic the entire day. Drink green tea without adding any sugar or cream. Avoid flavored green tea as it contains added sugar and flavor to make it more palatable. And it is not as effective as pure green tea. Drink 4-5 cups of green tea per day.

10: Reduce Snacking We all love to snack, but it becomes a menace when you snack on unhealthy foods every hour. Snacking on chips, wafers or chocolate will make you gain weight and prevent you from losing weight no matter how much you exercise. So, tweak your snacking foods – have cucumber, carrot, hummus, freshly pressed fruit juice, peach, guava, grilled sweet potato, or sprouts. Also, avoid late night snacking.

11. Get Good Rest Resting prevents the body from collapsing – meaning, without enough rest, your muscles will not recover from the daily wear and tear. In fact, sleep deprivation can slow down your metabolism and make you gain excess fat in the lower body. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Wait for two hours after dinner before going to bed. Use a soothing room freshener to help you sleep better. You can also use a foot soak or take a shower before you go to bed. Also, set some time aside for unwinding – read a book, watch your favorite series, listen to music that you like, hit the gym or talk to your friend.

12: Put The Lazy Bum To Work! Sitting on your bum too much? Then, you must get up and work it out. Here are a few effective exercises that you can do at home at your convenience. Make sure you do at least 3 sets of 15 reps, take 30 seconds rest between each set, and breathe in and out while doing these exercises. Let me show you two exercises to bring your buttocks back in shape.

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