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Her Fiancé Dumped Her For Being ‘Fat,’ Now She Has The Ultimate Revenge Body


Her Fiancé Dumped Her For Being ‘Fat,’ Now She Has The Ultimate Revenge Body

Her Fiancé Dumped Her For Being 'Fat,' Now She Has The Ultimate Revenge Body Featured Image

Who doesn’t love a fitness success story? Jennifer Atkin is one of many, but hers has a sad-yet-triumphant twist: Her fiancé Tom ended their engagement because she was overweight.

Not only did Jennifer dodge a bullet by moving on without him, but she became even better. After hitting the gym and working hard on a healthy diet, she traded up for sexy.

10. Not ’Til Death Do Us Part

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’Til death do us part, right? Wrong.

At 24 years old, Jennifer Atkin weighed 243 pounds and admitted that she was a size 22 couch potato. An unhealthy diet, very little physical activity, and the stress of modern life all contributed to her weight gain.

Weddings are difficult to plan, of course…

9. Calling It Quits

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So, naturally, Jennifer found comfort and relaxation by enjoying her favorite foods. The cycle of stress is difficult to break, especially when you’ve got to balance a busy schedule with a relationship and so much more.

Her fiancé must have planned on spending his life with Jennifer, but that soon changed.

8. Recover And Rebuild

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In the middle of planning her dream wedding, Jennifer’s fiancé Tom called the engagement off. She was blindsided and remembers crying for days. It took time, of course, for her to rebuild.

Her birthday soon arrived, and as she blew out her candles, she wished for a change in her life.

7. Getting Healthy And Fit

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Jennifer knew that she needed to lose weight and regain a healthy lifestyle in order to really create happiness in her world. As you can see here, that’s exactly what she did.

After reigning in her fatty fast-food diet and trading up for healthier foods, she incorporated regular time at the gym.

6. Dropping Over A Hundred Pounds

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It wasn’t long until her fresh attitude and new outlook began to take full effect. It took lots of hard work, but Jennifer eventually shed 110 pounds and dropped from a size 22 to a size 10.

(That’s almost equivalent to losing the weight of a whole adult person!)

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5. Something Was Always Missing

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Jennifer always felt like there was something missing from her relationship with Tom. Anyone who’s experienced troubled times with a partner knows that the stress seems to seep into your bones.

It’s no surprise that she was stressed and turning to food for comfort—who hasn’t done that?

4. Even Though He Enjoyed Junk Food, Too

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Jennifer later realized that she wouldn’t have been so careless with her weight if her fiancé had seen the light. She explained that he also enjoyed junk food and made it a frequent part of their meal plans.

(Strange that he ended up calling off their engagement, considering that irony.)

3. No Longer Tipping Scales



Jennifer now weighs in at a sweet 130 pounds and says that she feels “extremely beautiful” thanks to all of the changes she’s made.

She even entered a beauty contest in her hometown—she didn’t win this year, but the fact that she even competed is far beyond the dreams she once had!

2. What Happened Next…

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While she used to make attempts to hide her weight, she now opts for an entirely different wardrobe. Over her clothes, she carries a newfound confidence.

Something really strange ended up happening, though. Cute, driven girls don’t tend to stay single for long if they don’t want to…

1. She Started Dating His Cousin

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Seven months after her engagement ended, Jennifer started dating Tom’s cousin Chris. The two were married soon after, giving Jennifer a happy ending that she’d never imagined possible!

Her story continues to inspire plenty of women who need a reminder that their dreams are definitely within reach.

Sometimes, things just have to get worse before they get better.

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