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Milky Way Is Being Pushed Across The Universe By A Mysterious Force?


Milky Way Is Being Pushed Across The Universe By A Mysterious Force?

Invisible and mysterious force pushes our Milky Way galaxy through space, claims the new research. And although this may not act as a friendly gesture, so-called “Dipole Repeller”(mysterious force) actually helps our galaxy to travel through space.

AnResearchers knew that the galaxy is moving at a relative speed in the last thirty years, but didn’t know why is that. And if we think virtually, everything is moving, the Earth, the Sun, and even the Milky Way, and at about two miles per hour.

But it is not a pointless journey. Researchers have long believed that our galaxy is drawn from area, which is rich in a dozen different groups of galaxies under the name “Shapley Supercluster”.

As the scientists explain, the galaxies fly from one to another due to the expansion of the universe.

However, each of them because of their new “neighbors” are experiencing gravitational attraction, causing aberrant movement to regions with high density and away from areas where it is reduced, said Brent Tully, one of the authors of this study.

With the help of powerful telescopes, the researchers have managed to create a 3D map of the course of galaxies. Galaxies like our Milky Way tend to move as far away as possible from the few empty areas to those where there is “congestion” and where there are large concentrations of galaxies.

During mapping of the movement, Talley and his colleagues found a defined form of movement called “Dipole Repeller” that “pushes” the Milky Way.

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