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This Is Amazing – 13 Square Meters Home For Two

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This Is Amazing – 13 Square Meters Home For Two

One couple from Denmark, have a designer studio called “Studiomama”. They bought a one floor house in north London in order to refashion it, but the most interesting part is that they had only 13 square meters to work with.

Dom za dvajca vo 13 kvadrati

The idea to renovate this small space, designers and founders of “Studiomama” Nina Tolstrup and her husband Jack Mama, was found while they were decorating interiors of small caravans and boats, where the primary goal is maximum use of the small space.

Dom za dvajca vo 13 kvadrati1

This time their goal was to make a flexible living space that seems larger than it really is. The furniture is multifunctional and the pastel tones are stretching from yellow through pink to blue. “This kind of a small space must be designed as a caravan or boat. Everything must be done by order. There was not enough space for shelves, so it was a little bit challenging.

The use of the dominant material made the space to look as it is merged into a whole. “The materials are soft and warm, so the house appears almost too comfortable, “reveals Tolstrup for the architectural magazine Dezeen.

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