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Messy Habits, Using Bad Language And Staying Up Late Are All Signs Of High Intelligence. Scientifically Approved!

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Messy Habits, Using Bad Language And Staying Up Late Are All Signs Of High Intelligence. Scientifically Approved!

As part of different studies, it has now been scientifically proven that if you abuse more frequently than others, or are in a habit of leaving a message wherever you go, and of course stay up late every single day completely ignoring what is sleeping hours should be, then it means that you in fact have a higher IQ than most others.

And when explained, the reasons behind these behaviors are actually pretty logical. Throughout history it has been observed that people who are more intelligent than the masses are reluctant to follow the rituals and conventions of the common people.

Eccentricity has always been associated with genius. They also prefer the tranquility of the night time to think their ideas through when they won’t be disturbed every now and then by something stupid like time for lunch.

Also, they hardly, if ever care for what others think so they will not restrain themselves from saying what they feel like, even if that is highly inappropriate for the others. They really couldn’t care less.

No. 1 NOT minding their language.

It is a common assumption that if you have a very rich vocabulary and are also very intelligent, you should then be by default polite and very fluent and can articulate a variety of emotions without losing your cool.

Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality the ability to conjure up new swear words is a sign of creativity and a high IQ. And as mentioned before, those who are above average when it comes to intelligence rarely seem to care about how others think of them and therefore their disapproval means nothing to them.

No. 2 Night is day, day is night.

A study took in account youngsters from across the States and questioned them on their sleeping habits and recorded their IQs. It was found that people who belonged to the higher IQ groups all had one thing in common; they all went to bed really late.

A possible explanation behind this habit can be the fact that the more intelligent you are, the more things are going in your head. And to keep track of all these things and silence the thoughts all in time for nap time can be a bit difficult. Also, since their brain doesn’t stop thinking of new ideas just because they are in bed, their sleep schedule is pushed further as they jot down these ideas or better yet, start implementing them.

No. 3 Perfection is highly overrated anyway.

Psychological researchers have come across a very interesting find indeed. According to them chaotic situations, such as a messy bed, a messy room and most especially a messy desk, all get the creative juices flowing inside our brains.

Chaos inspires whereas order just keeps you doing the same thing again and again. Unless you can break the conventional systems of working, you cannot create something new and exciting.


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