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Unless He Puts Effort Into These 12 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person

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Unless He Puts Effort Into These 12 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person

Unless He Puts Effort Into These 12 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person

1. Does he plan elaborate evenings out with you?

Or is the onus of date nights only on your shoulders? He is really into you if he wants to spend his time with you and takes the time to book a place at a new restaurant, or to a new shopping place he thinks you might love.

2. Does he answer your text messages, or keep you hanging?

The fastest trip to Trust Lane is by keeping each other updated on what you’re up to. If you know what he’s doing, and he’s not afraid to let you in, there is no reason why you two wouldn’t trust each other.

3. Does he keep the romantic quotient going?

That you have been going out together for over many years is no excuse to let yourself go. Your man should always make an effort to make you fall in love with him, each day, every day.

4. Does he care about you in bed?

Does he pay enough attention to foreplay, and to make sure that you are also reaching a climax? A real man doesn’t focus only on his own pleasure. Half the pleasure he gets is derived from the fact that you are getting it too.

5. Is your man a shopaholic?

Finances are a big part of life, and if the two of you are planning a future together, he should start saving his money for a time in need, for the both of you. Partying, drinking and shopping are fun, but that is not what life is based on.

6. Does he work at including you in his life?

A man who is interested in you will introduce you to his family and friends, and not try to hide your relationship. When hanging out with his side of the family, he shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable or unimportant.

7. Does your man treat your family the way you do his?

He needn’t be your father’s best friend, or your BFF’s sympathise, but he should treat your family with respect, and accord the same treatment he would his own.

8. Does your man always want his way, or it becomes the highway?

Every fight shouldn’t turn into an ego struggle that ends up with the other person feeling unfairly treated. Compromises are a must in any relationship, and in between a couple, neither of you should allow your ego to get the better of you.

9. In your household, your man should contribute his efforts equally.

No part of the housework should be classified as only man’s or woman’s area. You’re not each other’s parents, you are partners, and should contribute everywhere equally.

10. Does he turn into a slob around you, or does he keep himself presentable?

When it’s just you two hanging out, he should make himself look good for you. You are an important part of his life, and he should make an effort for you, just as he would for others. If he knows you like him in that crayon coloured shirt, he will wear it especially for you.

11. Does he care about his health and yours?

If the two of you love each other, it is important to take care of yourself, and your man will do so too. The both of you want to spend time with each other, for the rest of your lives and will want to stay healthy to achieve that.

12. Does he care for your smile?

If your man cares for you, he will make every effort to see that smile more often.

Photo by Jake Davies on Unsplash


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