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How Does Propaganda Work And What is The Role of Media in Manipulation of a Democracy?


How Does Propaganda Work And What is The Role of Media in Manipulation of a Democracy?

What does it mean to be a part of a Democracy?

Most of us grow up knowing and believing that democracy is a form of governance which is controlled by the public. But what if I told you that in fact democracy has nothing to do with the general public, who is mostly kept in the dark and their powers and access to information is limited at best, and non-existent at worst. Well, the truth is that both these definitions exist simultaneously.

Those who believe the first definition are the ones who are part of the masses, whose power extends just to the selection of their representative and no further. In opposition, those who know the second definition to be true are the ones who are part of the inner circle. Those who really have the power to bring a change for the public welfare, but who rarely have the same objectives as the rest of the public.

Even under a democracy, there is one agency who commands power. The inner circle bows to this power and the powerhouse is the media houses; because media is the number one source of spreading propaganda. The concept of propaganda as we now know it was first recorded during the First World War. The Creel Commission was set up with the sole purpose of inciting the passive American population in order to justify the war against Germany. And they succeeded in a short span of time by combining techniques of- terror of the enemy, horror of the deeds being performed and a subliminal message of being the protector of the rest of humankind.

How Propaganda Works- In 7 simple steps, here is how even in a democracy propaganda is spread and accepted by the masses.

1. Falsifying the records of history and only promoting that which shows the government in a positive light. To counteract this you need to look beyond the popular narrative and educate yourself with facts.

2. Encouraging the masses to be the spectators instead of inspiring them to take action. Beware of what form of entertainment you consume and more importantly be more inclined to create rather than to watch.

3. Making monsters out of the unknown. Don’t accept everything at face value.

4. Not letting the masses to organize themselves; because if they come together and start asking questions the inner circle would be in danger.

5. Perpetuating hypocrisy by choosing to broadcast only those cases which further the interests of the inner circle. Keep your eyes and ears open for alternative news or stories which would not be covered by popular media.

6. Propaganda works by keeping the masses under constant fear. Because of evolution, fear is our highest priority and as long as we are afraid we won’t think or question.

7. Language and its use determine how we react to policies. Empty phrases are used to take the attention away from the heart of the problem and we get too busy with the nonsense that we cannot see the injustice.

So be very careful of the kind of information that you are ingesting and never take everything at face value. Always question the decisions being taken and see if there can be any ulterior motives being served.

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