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7 Reasons To Give Each Other Some Breathing Space In Your Relationship

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7 Reasons To Give Each Other Some Breathing Space In Your Relationship

If we ask you, what is the one thing that is necessary not only to build a relationship but also to sustain it, what would your answer be?

Well, most of you would agree on ‘true love’ and some of you might say, ‘trust in each other’, while the rest of you might say ‘a healthy friendship between the two partners’ and ‘understanding’.

It is true that all these criteria are fundamental in maintaining a strong relation, but there is something equally important that most couples overlook, ‘giving each other some breathing space’. Without it, all the love, all the trust and the friendship starts to feel claustrophobic in this relationship.

Each partner needs some alone time; time when they can do whatever they want, and can to unwind and connect with oneself. So, here are some reasons that will tell you why you need some breathing space in your relationship to make it all the more healthier and long-lasting.

1. To increase trust in each other

The fear that your spouse might cheat on you always restricts you from giving him or her space. Insecurities arise if you don’t trust each other enough. They give rise to the feelings of jealousy and doubt. But, isn’t your love for each other strong enough to keep such doubts away from your relation? By giving each other space, you make your mind strong enough to let go of these silly feelings and build a stronger bond based on trust. Giving each other some room to breathe will not only help you trust your partner more, but will also make your partner respect you more. It will also increase the commitment that you two have towards each other in your relationship.

2. Your individual freedom is important for you and your happiness

Having some ‘me time’ is very important for your own individual growth, well-being and peace of mind. Every individual needs some time to relax with his/her own set of friends, take up their favorite hobbies and just have some time to oneself, without their better half. This is all the more essential if you are in a live-in relationship or married, because you are spending most of your time with one another. Giving space helps both partners retain their individuality, rather than feeling suffocated with the tag of being someone’s “shadow” or “significant other” or “better half”.

3. You will miss each other more

In a marriage, where you spend most of your time with your spouse, somewhere down the line, both the partners get very used to each other. Then, the element of fun, surprise and love starts to fade away. By giving each other space and spending some time separately will not only allow you both to do your individual activities, but will make you miss each other immensely. You will look for reasons to spend more quality time with your spouse. Now, isn’t that a good enough reason to give each other some space in your relationship?

4. You will have a lot more to talk about

When you give each other space, you automatically spend lesser time with each other than before. This distance allows you to have more things to talk about when you meet after a long hectic day (or days) of staying unconnected. You both seem more interesting to one another and that brings newness to your marriage. Communicating with each other well is the key to a long and happy marriage.

5. You will get your much-needed girl/guy time, and so would he/she

Well, no matter how perfect, amazing and compatible you two are, there are a few things that you can discuss with your ‘gang’ only. Girls, you can’t talk to him about things like makeup, clothes, shopping, or your in-laws, with him, right? And, guys, no matter how interested she sounds, she can’t always keep up with those sports stats and racing car details, right? So, you need some breathing room in your relationship, to get that much need time with your own set of friends to relax and unwind.

6. Make your relationship a commitment-phobia-free zone

Ask any person for the reasons why they are scared or unsure of getting into relationships and making commitments, and one answer you will find very commonly fluttering around would be, “no personal space, anymore”. Yes, be it men or women, lack of personal space or freedom, is one thing that they feel relationships get synonymous with over a period of time. So, make your relationship a ‘commitment-phobia-free’ zone by adding the concept of space and breathing room in it. This is something that will help you and your partner be comfortable in the relationship.

7. Your relationship will mean more to both of you

When you spend more time together as a couple, you start taking each other for granted. You forget the value of togetherness. Being apart by giving each other some breathing space will help you to value each other more. What’s more? This small lack of quantity of time together, will increase the quality of the time that you spend together. You will value your time together more. So, space in a relationship will make you respect and nurture you relationship more.

So ladies, the next time when your partner wants to go for a game of ball with his friends, let him do so. And guys, if your girl wants a little vacation with her girlfriends, let her go. You both will be surprised as to how not keeping each other chained in a relationship will help your marriage grow even stronger!

Photo by Dani Vivanco on Unsplash


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