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This ‘SELFIE’ Has Become Viral Due To A GREAT Detail Wide Picture And Look!


This ‘SELFIE’ Has Become Viral Due To A GREAT Detail Wide Picture And Look!

This ‘SELFIE’ Has Become Viral Due To A GREAT Detail Wide Picture And Look! Featured Image ShareTweet

A group of friends took a selfie, but there is something in the picture that is definitely not right. There is something that is quite wrong with the picture that we are going to show you. The photo was uploaded in Imgur and it has become very, very viral. Can you see why?

The photo would seem to be simply a group of attractive girlfriends posing for a ‘selfie’, but this turned into something much crazier.

Many people look only at the great attributes of one of the girls in the photo, and do not pay attention to what is wrong. The image has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Will you be able to realize what is wrong?

If you could not, here we show you what is wrong:

Share with your friends and family, surely for them it will also be a bit difficult to find the detail of this photo. And is that we are honest, many of us find it extremely difficult to notice when there is something else that distracts us hahaha!

7 Selfie Styles That Will Make Your Photo Go Viral

Whether you’re proud of it or not, you’ve taken a selfie before. Probably not once. And despite all the hate toward selfie sticks, the somewhat narcissistic habits of selfie takers, and a few situations when you should be careful about snapping those pics, taking selfies can be a good fun.

If you’re already doing it, why not try to go an extra mile and spice up your selfies? With our creative tips, your pictures are practically guaranteed to go viral.

How Not to Take a Selfie

Before you discover our pro tips for expressing yourself through the art of selfies, here are a few things you should try and avoid.

1. Selfies That Are Too Private

It might be opposing to some modern trends, but try and make sure your selfies are not too revealing. If it’s a good photo, you will probably want it shared with your friends or even the world — with private photos that could also mean inviting hackers to breach your privacy. Give it another thought before you decide to expose yourself like that.

2. Bathroom Selfies

Like with any other picture, the location plays a big part here. So unless there’s something significant about that nightclub toilet/bathroom where you’re planning to take your selfie, it’s better to stay away.

3. Duck Impressions

Although duck and sparrow face now sound like something from the last century, you’ll be surprised at how many people still do it. And although pulling a funny face will most likely only improve your selfie, remember that nobody finds duck face funny. Not anymore, at least.

The Right Path

Did you know that 21st of June was National Selfie Day? To honor the newly established holiday we put together an article with some useful tips and scientifically proven knowledge of what makes a great selfie.

Now you can go through your pictures and see if you celebrated the National Selfie Day the right way and if your pictures can be considered as quality selfies.

However, we’re not here to discuss what’s right and what’s wrong today. Instead, let’s talk about what makes a selfie stand out and go viral. Whether you put your pictures up online for the likes or not, it’s always nice to see your photos being well-received and shared by multiple people.

The question is, how do you make it happen?

Get Creative

Whatever is trendy right now, the public still appreciates good art. Why not make an effort and see where it takes you? We’re not talking about getting a selfie stick. Instead, try and bring something new or different into your selfie. We gathered a few examples of what your audience could find intriguing, but of course, don’t let that stop you — let your creativity flow!

1. Show Them Your Wild Side

Do you have an access to a cute little animal that you could take a photo with? Well, why not take it up a notch and make sure it looks like you’re part human/ part animal on the picture? Position your pet in front of the camera a certain way to make sure it’s covering exactly half your face. It works better than Snapchat filters.

2. Focus on Details

Make sure there’s a story behind your selfie by focusing on important details. Take a moment to think what you’re passionate about, and how you can show it through your pictures.

Can’t imagine your life without music? Share your hobby with the audience by snapping a picture some music sheets. Does playing basketball makes you forget everything else in your life? Show a part of your uniform like your trainers in your photo. That way you’re guaranteed to get likes from people that can relate to your story.

3. Add Accessories

For enhanced storytelling add some accessories to your selfie. Whether it’s a fancy Harry Potter-themed necklace or your new Apple Watch — there’s bound to be someone out there who shares your interests. Just make sure you include all the relevant hashtags.

4. Group Selfie

This one is somewhat controversial, as normally people would suggest you do the opposite and never include more than a maximum of 2 people in your selfie. However, we say you take a risk and take a group selfie.

No, we’re not talking about those fancy celebrity shots that always look way too perfect. Instead, next time you wanna take a selfie with your friends make sure all of you do it simultaneously. There are more benefits than one to this one. Firstly, all of you will have a picture with the precious memory. And secondly, it’s a perfect way to make fun of selfie culture in general.

5. Cover Up

When taking a shadow selfie, keep two main things in mind. One, make sure the sun is directly behind you for a clear shadow. And second, find the right surface that will distinctively show your shadow. Bonus points if your surroundings help you paint a fuller picture — for example, sand beach and ocean waves make for a perfect background for a vacation-style shadow selfie.

7. More (or Fewer?) Reflections

This is another piece of advice that can be called controversial. If you prefer staying on the safe side, avoid involving multiple reflections in your selfies. But if you’re one to take on a challenge, reflections can bring a little extra to take your picture to a next level.

Good news for the brave ones: there’s plenty reflections around to choose from, like sun glasses, car mirrors, local store’s glass doors etc.

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