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This is how each zodiac sign shows your love


This is how each zodiac sign shows your love

This is how each zodiac sign shows your love Featured Image ShareTweet

Do you want to know if someone feels things for you? Look at what he does and how he expresses it! It is true that each person is a world, but the sign in which he was born affects, perhaps, in his way of showing love.


Constant fights are one of the ways in which Aries show love. I do not say insults, nor strong fights, but those jokes that look for fight, but in reality they try to demonstrate love.

Teen fights? Maybe yes. You already know the saying: “those who fight, love each other”. But in addition, Aries shows his love by embracing.


If there is something that characterizes people of taurus, it is the ability to make that gift, something special for you, what you really want, that food that is your favorite and that you know without saying it.

But also, a person of this sign shows his love by listening. If all your attention is on you when you speak, it’s because he really loves you.


If a person from Gemini does everything in their power to make you laugh, it is because he wants to show you love.

But not only that, when they feel something for someone, they usually look for physical contact: hands, arms, hair. He will try to touch you, at the least contact, to show that he feels something for you!


People of cancer want to surprise with some random compliment. They feel the need to say something nice, give something that the other may like. If it has happened to you, maybe it’s that you feel things for you!


How to know if a person of leo wants to be with you? Generally it has a very hectic routine, but if it is done a while, even for a snack or a small visit, then it is because he is very interested in you.


A virgo person will share your favorite dish with you, or your favorite drink … and that is your way of showing love. Do not share your favorite food with anyone!


Poor people do not like to see the people they love sad. If he loves you, he will hug you so hard that all your fears will disappear.


They do not like to have much eye contact, but … if they’re falling in love with you, then they’ll delicately stare at you.

Also, it will open to you and tell you very private things that you would not tell someone else. Trust, that’s your way of showing love.


If he invites you to spend the weekend out or to travel somewhere: there is no turning around, he is telling you something.

But in addition, people of Sagittarius are very interested in those who want, and call or send message every day. Does he do it? You already know … he is showing you love.


Capricorn people remember those little details or tastes of the person they love. Sure you will be surprised with the trip to your favorite restaurant, or that book you wanted so much to read.



I an aquarium person feels something for you, believe me you will know. He will fill you with kisses, he will give you hugs, he will send you messages … he will show love and he will shout it to the four winds!


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